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RE: [SG2] Vehicle Bail Out

From: Ryan M Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 19:08:40 -0400
Subject: RE: [SG2] Vehicle Bail Out

At 11:57 AM -0700 7/5/01, wrote:
>That would suggest bailing out automatically for a "disable" and 
>"destroyed" result in Stargrunt terms. Would there ever be a 
>situation where there was a hole in the vehicle, possibly some 
>smoke, but the crew stays inside anyway?

I guess it depends on the fire. If its really catastrophic and there 
is a really loud bang, lots of Smoke and someone starts screaming 
"FIRE!! FIRE!!!" then bailing out would seem to be a good idea at 
that point.

>  > I guess it all really depends on if the vehicle is just disabled or
>>  really well worked over by the penetrating round. If its just
>>  disabled they can take their time. If its holed then they want out
>>  now.

>You mention two situations: "disabled" and "holed". These are 
>represented by three situations in Stargrunt.
>A "destroyed" result comes from a weapon penetrating the vehicle and 
>causing it to brew up. Casualties test armour versus twice the size 
>class of the weapon that hit them (they have to exceed twice the 
>size class on their armour roll to escape injury). This is a "holed" 
>result that's done major damage.

Definitely a get out situation.

>A "disabled" result is the same as "destroyed" for game purposes. A 
>weapon has penetrated the vehicle. In this case, the armour test is 
>against the size class of the weapon (instead of twice the size 
>class). This is a "holed" result that's done some damage, sent 
>shrapnel throughout the vehicle, knocked out the systems, but hasn't 
>set it on fire.

Also a get out situation.

>A "system" or a "suspension" result occurs from a non-penetrating 
>round. Either the vehicle is temporarily immobilized, or the vehicle 
>has had all its systems temporarily shut down. This seems a closer 
>match to your "disabled" result, with the added possibility that the 
>systems may come back online.

The crew can probably tell. I assume there is a Confidence check 
here. Likely they bail out.

>  > In both situations they count as being suppressed. In the case of
>>  "RIGHT NOW!", the crew  bailing are naturally immediately suppressed
>>  (perhaps doubly so, ie two suppression markers?). They aren't going
>>  to be doing much for a little while anyhow.
>I'm hesitant to add a second suppression marker. That would 
>effectively end their next activation. Since they have little 
>control over where they end up bailing, I think this could be a 
>little too penalizing.

I don't see them doing much next turn anyhow. Though if they are all 
placed around the vehicle 6" away (driver near the drivers position, 
TC and others near their hatches, passengers near their hatches, then 
they are also going to be dis-organized.

What you don't want is the Space Marine Land Raider is destroyed but 
the Terminators still jump out and Close assault you concept.

People jumping out of a burning vehicle aren't going to be doing much 
else it seems. Last time I was thrown off of my motorcycle I was good 
and well dazed. Which I'd count as suppressed two or three times over.

I certainly wouldn't have been capable of grabbing the cell phone and 
dialing 911.

>>  An anti-armour team up close in an ambush that took out
>>  the vehicle with its first activation would then have a second
>>  activation to shoot at the crew as they bail out with SAWs and other
>>  small arms.
>This is allowed in the current rules, though the attack would happen 
>wherever they ended up after bailing out. In my own house rules, the 
>other half of the squad could fire on them in a form of Reaction 

Either mechanism makes sense for an anti-armour team conducting an 
ambush. I can see the command rules working with this as well. The Lt 
in charge of the platoon has the typical L shaped ambush arranged and 
he is at the leg of the L. He's within 6" of the team at the base and 
6" within a team on the leg. He transfers his actions to the two 
teams and activates them, their first actions being to fire 2 GMS/Ps 
at the lead track. Then the other half of those squads open up with 
saws and other nastiness.

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