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Re: [SG2] Vehicle Bail Out

From: Ryan M Gill <rmgill@m...>
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2001 18:56:29 -0400
Subject: Re: [SG2] Vehicle Bail Out

At 2:54 PM -0400 7/5/01, Chris DeBoe wrote:
>  > I'm still new to Stargrunt but I've done a lot of study of infantry
>>  and armour tactics so I'll take a stab at some of this. Mostly I'm
>>  thinking in real principles here and trying to get 'game' and 'real'
>>  to meet in the middle.
>Might depend on how disabled and what opposition is.  If it's a lucky
>with IAVR on a tread and there are machine gun rounds boucing off my
hull, I
>might be inclined to stay put; if it's a penetrating hit and
something's on
>fire, I'll be more inclined to teleport out even if it's into someone's

Naturally the damage is relative. I guess the bail out should be up 
to the player and the intelligence of the crew. If it brews up after 
they decide to stay then oh well...

>IIRC an M1 in Iraq was disabled (stuck in mud) and accounted for three
>tanks before the recovery vehicles managed to get it unstuck.

Looking at the horsepower needed for recovering a vehicle bogged down 
to its wheels or in some cases deck or higher, its not surprising 
that it took a while. Several M88's seem to be the norm for getting 
an M1 out of the mud once the mud has taken a hold. M1's are a bit on 
the heavy scale of the tanks that we normally deal with in SG. Mostly 
they are much lighter vehicles.

I'm struck with the image of a truck in Bosnia or someplace that the 
BBC was showing taking fire (archival footage I think). It had been 
struck by 23mm cannon fire from a fairly high angel and was stopped 
in an intersection. While the camera is rolling the truck is still 
taking fire through the top/back/side through the bed and into the 
ground around it. During the incoming fire, every half beat a man 
jumps out of the covered bed and runs away from the truck. It didn't 
burst into flames, but there was smoke from the bottom of the vehicle 
(whether from a leaking fuel tank or the engine dying and burning the 
oil in the crankcase up I don't know) but the people definitely 
wanted away from that truck.

I suspect most of the engagements are going to be more like in 
Vietnam where crewmen escaped from M113s and M47s after being struck 
by RPGs or running over mines. I don't know if anyone could survive 
the 500lbs of explosive command detonated under the tanks, those 
tended to blow the commander out of the TC hatch and 30 feet into the 
air, usually in half pieces too according to the Author of Jungle 

>  > A correct anti-armour drill by a pair of teams would have a SAW and
>>  GMS system of some sort (perhaps IAVRs) destroying/damaging it. The
>>  bailing out crew is then shot by an additional SAW team.
>Assuming that your SAW doesn't have something more interesting to do in
>meantime--tank crew wouldn't be high on my list of things to worry

Ahh, but a bunch of grunts bailing out of an APC/MICV would I think?

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