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Re: Random thoughts on campaigning

From: "Imre A. Szabo" <ias@s...>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 21:49:23 -0400
Subject: Re: Random thoughts on campaigning

You might want to check out the rules to The Sovereign Stars.  They are
free to
down load at :

There is also a published version with hex tiles...


Beth Fulton wrote:

> G'day,
>  >>THE MAP:
>  >Does that mean that, starting from one planet, the hexes you'd
>  >go through would be:...>Probably not because below you say a
>  >fleet can only move 2 hexes per turn and has to start and end
>  >at a planet.  So do you mean Planet A, Deep Space, Planet B?
> Oops sorry should've been clearer. The hex map was at the system level
> (i.e. star on a hex map represented the star and associated system,
> there was the basic assumption that there was only one thing in the
> say a planet that was of the most use to you), empty hexes are deep
> Then once in a hex with a system then came the abstract idea of:
planet and
> system edge just to signfy whether you're at the FTL boundary or way
> the system where you can only move at sublight speeds. Is that any
>  >>Each planet produces 10 to 100 points per economic turn.
>  >>When a player arrives at a planet for the first time and no
>  >>other player has owned the
>  >>planet before a roll a D10x20
>  >
>  >d10x10, I imagine?
> Actually I think that's something we changed mid stream as 10-100 was
> proving to be too constrictive so we moved 20 to 200 (as far as I can
> remember).
>  >These rules look quite good.
> Thanks. Derek wants to run another campaign down here fairly soon
> the guys are talking about playing out the battle for Sol so it may be
> ways off) so if anyone has any suggestions or can you see anything
> change we'd be glad to here all comments.
> Cheers
> Beth
> Elizabeth Fulton
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