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Re: FB2

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 10:01:33 +0000
Subject: Re: FB2

>On Sat, 25 Mar 2000, Ground Zero Games wrote:
>> >Ground Zero Games wrote:
>> >> This has
>> >> cropped up quite a lot in the FB2 designs, especially the Phalons
>> >> frail hulls but lots of shell (armour), and this is what we've
done for
>> >> them.
>> >>
>> >Speaking of which,	did it make it to the printers successfully?
>> Yes. Finished this end, and on press as I write. Copies should be
>> at Salute barring any total last-minute disasters....  ;-)
>I know its on April 1 in London, but where/when exactly is Salute? How
>late is it open, and how long will you be there, Jon?

It is held at Olympia, a big exhibition complex in Kensington. There is
tube stop right by the complex. Opening times are10.30 to around 4 or
so you might just squeeze in.....
We'll be there all day!

Jon (GZG)
>I fly into Gatwick around 12 noon. I may try and slide into Salute that
>afternoon, depending on how late it runs and where it is in relation to
>Gatwick & my B&B in London. (a number of large maybes in there...)
>FB2 & (maybe) some of the new not-at-Geohex-yet ships would be pretty
>Brian - -
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