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Re: OUDF Rules

From: "Steve Pugh" <steve@p...>
Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 16:38:55 -0000
Subject: Re: OUDF Rules

> I have noticed a small hole in the rules, Where by
> OUDF troops can open up with their IAVR's instead of
> their rifles and literally obliterate an opposing
> squad with about 3 to 4 rockets.

Which rules are these? Some house rules on the web that give the OUDF 
special abilities? Or the well known 'problem' of firing one rifle 
and multiple support weapons (SAWs, IAVRs, PPGs, etc.)?

> I play OUDF and I developed this tactic to destroy the
> opposition. Basically the rules say that I can use the
> IAVR's in my squad firing.

Yes. You can fire one or more IAVRs in support of of your normal 
rifle fire.

> If all my troops fire
> IAVR's then they are entitled to the Fire power die of
> the support weapons, which if using 4 IAVR's is 4D8.

Only if you're firing at least one normal infantry weapon. Otherwise 
it takes one action to fire each IAVR. 

> Then you role the Impact of the standard weapon and
> the standard weapon in this is the IAVR which means i
> roll D12 impact.

No. The standard weapon is the single rifle you're firing.

> This tactic will wip out any squad! Myself and the
> other people I play with think we may have missed
> something in the rules, but can't find it. Please tell
> me If i missed anything.

You've missed the fact that you must fire at least one normal weapon.

Also, IAVRs are one shot weapons. Your squad has wasted any chance to 
take out any enemy armour that might be lurking around unseen.


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