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Wargames Vs. RPG's

From: "Brian Bilderback" <bbilderback@h...>
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 22:48:07 PST
Subject: Wargames Vs. RPG's

Being both a wargamer AND a role player, I submit the following with 
apologies to half my friends:

	     Top 10 Reasons Wargaming is Safer that Role Playing

10. Wargames are for the most part kept within the bounds of a board or 
table.	A RPG can sprout up anywhere.

9. Wargames USUALLY only gather 2 geeks at one place at one time (3 if
use a referee).  With an RPG, the number of nerds is limited only by the

GM's organizational skills.

8. Wargamers USUALLY learn something about real historical events. Try 
writing a paper for history class on the Seventh Dynasty of the Wizards

7. The collapse of your left flank, while a serious matter, is usually
devastating than the death of your alter ego.

6. Over-ambitious wargamers attempt to command entire divisions.  
Over-ambitious role players entertain delusions of deity.

5. Not many people delve into satanic spells while looking for a way to 
defeat Napoleon's Old Guard.

4. Wargamers seldom insist that their friends refer to them as "Melara
Wood Elf."

3. Alienated teens rarely have access to real Panzer Divisions.

2. To the uninformed, the phrase "Wargames" conjures up images of
Broderick and Computers.  The phrase "Role Playing" conjures up images
"Mistress Dominixa" and leather.

1. When wargamers act out their hobby, it is called "Historical 
Re-enactment," and is considered educational.  When Role players do the
thing, it is called a "LARP," and 20/20 does a special report warning 
parents about it.
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