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Re: PDS vs. IAVR/LAW/SMAW/etc.

From: "Brian Bilderback" <bbilderback@h...>
Date: Sun, 12 Mar 2000 18:20:57 PST
Subject: Re: PDS vs. IAVR/LAW/SMAW/etc.

Mr. Barclay,

To answer your question(s):

In DS II, there are both PDS's and PDC's.  (The PDC's are referred to as

APFC's or Anti-Personnel Fragmentation Charges, because they serve not
to protect from incoming IAVR's, but also to discourage enemy infantry
getting too close - they serve as sort of a shell of Claymores around
tank [and no, I don't mean the kind made so feared in the hands of your 

In the DSII rules, PDS' will stop GMS', but NOT IAVR's. Don't ask me
APFC's will not stop IAVR's, but they do reduce their damage capability.
the heavier GMS' are not affected by APFC's, for that you have to equip
tank with a more expensive Reactive Armor.  Since you've never played
and I've never played SGII, I am afraid I can't translate the GMS' and 
IAVR's to SGII terms for you, sorry.

Brian B

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From: "Thomas.Barclay" <>

If I've read some of what Oerjan and others have said on this, RE DS2
mechanics, the PDS systems don't stop IAVRs? This does seem strange if
Do point defence charges stop them?

Just a thought. Haven't had a chance to play DS2 yet, but I know I'd
IAVRs and RRs to be engageable by PDS (which, no doubt, since DS2 is a
points game, means PDS would have to be upcosted).

Thomas Barclay
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