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From: kwasTAKETHISOUT@o... (Kr'rt)
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2000 07:06:59 GMT
Subject: Re: USA vs. Canada

Are victory points also modified by how American Dollars are doing
against Canadian Dollars?   That way we can all write the trip off as
a business expense.



Quoth Thomas Barclay of the Clan Barclay <>...
>Some suggested rules:
>Open to suggestions. Equal points per side requires no compensation.
>If side/side points balance is not equal, figure out VPs normally. Then
>multiply BOTH final totals by difference.
>(For example, Cannucks field 1000 pts, US fields 1500. Ratio is 60% US,
>40% Cdn.... VPs end up being 250 US, 100 Cdn.
>--> Cdn total is adjusted by multiplication by .60/.40 (for 150) and US
>total is modified by .40/.60 (for about 166). This compensates under
>theory that an advantage is really the square of the difference in
>points (ie a 10% advantage is okay, but a 20% advantage is really not
>just twice as severe, but 4 x as severe).

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