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USA vs. Canada

From: Thomas Barclay of the Clan Barclay <kaladorn@h...>
Date: Sat, 04 Mar 2000 00:29:34 -0500
Subject: USA vs. Canada

Some suggested rules:

FT/MT/FBn (whatever version is out).
Custom fleets or home brew? I'd say custom, but I'd need some neutral
folk to verify the designs and NOT leak them to the list. Probably
someone from Oz or UK. Or our resident FT ship design master from his
European base of operations (Yes, Oerjan, it is you ....).
House rules as commonly voted beforehand.
Point sizes... here's a guess.
Let us say 6-10 K points aside regardless of how many players show up.
Partition as appropriate.
Or maybe 1500 pts per signed up player.
Movement - vector (if need be the bastardy of vector I think some alien
fleets might get in FB2).

Open to suggestions. Equal points per side requires no compensation.
If side/side points balance is not equal, figure out VPs normally. Then
multiply BOTH final totals by difference.
(For example, Cannucks field 1000 pts, US fields 1500. Ratio is 60% US,
40% Cdn.... VPs end up being 250 US, 100 Cdn.
--> Cdn total is adjusted by multiplication by .60/.40 (for 150) and US
total is modified by .40/.60 (for about 166). This compensates under the
theory that an advantage is really the square of the difference in
points (ie a 10% advantage is okay, but a 20% advantage is really not
just twice as severe, but 4 x as severe).

At Stake:
Losers buy breakfast. Or everyone pitches in $5.00 US and the winning
team uses it to buy either breakfast or beer at their discretion.

1 From US
1 From Canada
1 From Neutral Country (the Russian Judge).

Note: This is a fun game. The only thing resting on it would be National
Pride, the Emnity of your People, and the Future of US-Canada relations.
So it'd be a lot of fun.

Just some starting thoughts. Jon isn't taking pre-reg until December...
so we have a month or so to get ready.... <*grin*>

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