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Re: Stores in El Ay (was _West Coast_ Con ...)

From: "Brian Bilderback" <bbilderback@h...>
Date: Fri, 03 Mar 2000 15:35:49 PST
Subject: Re: Stores in El Ay (was _West Coast_ Con ...)

Well, I ended up going only to Brookhurst, because I spent my whole
budget for the trip there.

I found an interesting line of 1/300th stuff, a company called C in C, 
they've discontinued production, but the guy at Brookhurst said they
hope to 
start up again. They make WW II, Modern, and Sci Fi stuff. I bought the
of their Sci Fi stock - a really nasty looking MBT, and somme IFV's that

really don't fit my ideal for APC's, but they'll make good C3, Forward 
Observer, and CBR vehicles.  I also bought a pack of 3 Gepards. I know 
they're obsolete IRL, but they look cool as ADS vehicles. I also picked
some packs of M113's with a turret I've never seen on them.  Again, the
ones are probably outdated, but I've always liked the LOOKs of the
and in the game, I can make them function as advanced as I wanna pay
for, so there. I also picked up some modern US infantry, but it's all 
rifleme, so I'm still gonna need to find some APSW and other specialist 
elements for DSII.

All in all, I spent about $50.00, but it was fun. The only drawback is
now that I've stocked up on tru 1/300th stuff, most of my Ral Partha 
Battletech vehicles are too damn big to use. But I like the looks of
new stuff better, and it was so nicely cheap.

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From: Ted Arlauskas <>

I'd recommend Brookhurst first - they're the biggest, but they're
about 45min or so south of downtown LA.  War House is south of
LA in Long Beach, but my 2nd choice.  Aero Hobbies is 3rd, and
Last Grenadier is 4th.
Let me know what you find/buy.


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