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[GZG-ECC] 2001 Dates and location

From: "Davis, Jonathan E (CRD)" <davisje@c...>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 15:04:06 -0500
Subject: [GZG-ECC] 2001 Dates and location

The organizers have established a date and place for the 
Ground Zero Games - East Coast Convention IV.

What:	   Ground Zero Games - East Coast Convention IV
Date:	   March 2-4, 2001
Location:  Hotel Brunswick, Army Center Room   (the same place...)
	   Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Preregistration fees will remain the same as GZG-ECC III.
Rooms rate for the lodging is up to $62, for up to four occupants.


The funny story is begging to be told.... and can best be initiated
by asking the simple question, 

"Why isn't the convention on the last weekend of February?"

Do you recall the group that ran the lingerie party last weekend?
Tour de Sports, right?
They're back with roughly double the attandance planned as this year.

My hotel rep said that the hotel staff would be stretched, and 
adamantly suggested we move to a different weekend.

Now, this does allow for some fun with our two local fellows, Mike
Hudak and Mike Pae from Harrisburg.  If they head down to Lancaster 
on the Friday night, February 23rd expecting to see the likes of 
me, Mark Kochte, Jerry Han, etc., they'll actually be in town for 
an even bigger lingerie party!

"Gosh, honey, I thought it was the last weekend in February, but
it's next weekend.  We did get to talk to some English fellow 
on holiday in the States."  :-)

See you in March!

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