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Re: Combined FT - SG2 Scenario

From: JohnDHamill@a...
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 15:07:34 EST
Subject: Re: Combined FT - SG2 Scenario

In a message dated 3/2/00 1:09:05 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

<< If you're trying to combine scenario types, how about a Planetary
 invasion/extraction mission?  You could start with the FT mission where
 you're trying to escort transport ships to a planet, either for
 or invasion, while an opponent defends the planet.  However long the
 agressor keeps appropriate ships in orbit is how long those services
 available to ground units.  Also, the number of transports that survive
 affects the troop size of the agressor/how many troops can be
 Once times are established, you can later play the SG2 scenario, based
 parameters established from the FT scenario.
We did a combined DSII/FT scenario set in the Star Wars universe, it
something like this: 
A planet (i don't remember the name) declared for the Rebel Alliance,
Alliance ships came to protect the planet while Imperial forces on
were hunted down, by the locals. The local Imperial Governor, upon
word of this, sends a sizable fleet to put down this treason. It chases
the Rebels, and some of the fleet stays to blockade the planet, while
bulk of the fleet goes running off to chase the Rebels. Not wanting to 
abandon their new found friends, the Rebel fleet backtracks for a rescue


FT Mission, Rebel Alliance: Break thru the Imperial blockade, and hold
until transports land, pick up rebels, and lift off. Break orbit and
leave as 
fast as possible. During mission, protect transports at all costs.

FT Mission, Imperials: Hold orbital superiority, until reinforcements
Prevent escape of the Rebel scum, attack and destroy as many of the 
transports as possible.

The FT part of the scenario started first, but went pretty much 1 for 1
wise with the DSII scenario, with the turn the transports landed as the
of the evacuation...

DSII Mission, Rebel Alliance: Evacuate as many civilians as possible to 
starport, hold starport until last transports are away. Protect

DSII Mission, Imperials: Pursue Rebel scum, capture as many civilians as

possible, prevent escape of Rebels and rebellious civlians. Capture or
planetary officials.

There were a lot of stands of civies, including one stand of 'Planetary 
Officials" who had priority for both the Rebels and the Imperials. 

This scenario was designed by Scott McKinley, one of the regular FT
gamers in 
Austin, at the University Wargaming Society. It was an interesting tense

scenario, with many frustrations and problems for both sides...


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