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Scenario idea - EFSB

From: "Scott Jaqua" <jaqua@c...>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 11:16:57 -0800
Subject: Scenario idea - EFSB

Seeing as people are suggesting scenarios, here's my go at one for
To play this scenario you will need some custom ship control sheets that
can get from my web site. You can play with counters or ship mini's from
and a Micro machine (EF One).

Raiders vs Earth Force

"Kill the President"


Earth Force 1 Hyperion Cruiser, Earth Force One
Raiders : 1 Battle Wagon, 1 Carrier

Back Ground:

    Before his death, President Santiago was returning from a State
Earth Force Intelligence has found out that an Unknown group has paid
Raiders a sizable amount  to kill the President. Based on this
Earth Force has added a Hyperior Cruiser the  Presidents escorts.

Set Up:

    Set the two forces at opposite ends of the table facing each other.
sides must start within six inches of the table edge. All friendly units
must be within six inches of each other. Initial speed of the EA team is
(they just came out of a jump gate. The raiders have been waiting and
are at
speed zero. The raiders have any two fighter groups launched and no more
then six inches away from friendly unit. The Ea does not have any
launched at the start of the game.

Jumping Out of Combat:

    The raiders have two fully charged jump drives. The jump gate
(center of
EA side of table) must wait it's full recharge cycle. The EA has one
charged jump drive. If either side jumps out, the other side may follow.
set up the map after a jump, set the jump points in the starting
Roll a d12 (for direction and a d20 for inches. This will be the new
point position on the other side of the jump.


All the Raiders need to do is destroy what ever ship the President is
The EA need not tell the Raiders which ship he is on. The EA my run
back and forth between ships. If the president is on one of the shuttles
must be recorded until that shuttle lands. The ship that currently has
president must show it in the ship orders. For a sure win the raiders
to destroy everything. The Ea wins if the president is alive at the end
the game. The President my not be put in a fighter.

Scott Jaqua

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