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Re: Scenario idea - new

From: Michael Sarno <msarno@p...>
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 13:38:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Scenario idea - new

"Bell, Brian K" wrote:

> Yes, have one referee for the SG2 and one for the FT board.
> Syncronise the turns (i.e. the FT game may not move to the next turn
> the SG2 game turn has completed). I think that the standard turn
> is 3-5 SG turns to 1 FT turn. This is quite a disadvantage, as SG
turns tend
> to be longer in Real Time than FT turns. Expect the FT group to wait
on the
> SG group ALOT!
> If you use the same players for both boards, this is no problem, but
> game will run L-O-N-G!!! Also, you will want to alternate or randomize
> the FT game or the SG2 game turns will run first.
> I would suggest that you keep the forces small, to decrease turn

    I think this is as good an argument as any to run these game
seperately and
add the fudge factor to determine when the shields drop for the FT game.
feel free to attempt this scenario as the bastard son of "Carter Island"
"Grey Day." <g>

> While the moons of Endor does not work well with DS2, the battle for
> does. Perhaps it would be better to provide a scenario based on an
> timeline when the first Deathstar was not destroyed. The rebels
retreated to
> Hoth. Now the Deathstar has followed. The rebels would have to destroy
> landing imperial forces and defeat the Deathstar before it can attack
> number of turns or game time limit). DS2 has the advantage of having a
> turn ratio with FT (about 15 game minutes per turn) [and thus less
> on the other table].

    I had thought about the DSII cross-over, but didn't see the
potential for
Endor.	Brian's idea for shifting this battle to Hoth isn't bad.  You
always make up another planet and have a base that is smaller than the
being protected by a shield that is projected from the planet.	That
way, you
could use whatever terrain you wanted.	If you do decide on the snow
you know I'll have it along for Ord Sarno, so feel free to borrow as
much of it
as you want after the pod race. <g>


Michael Sarno
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