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Re: FMA Simple Skills

From: Aron_Clark@d...
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999 12:22:41 -0700
Subject: Re: FMA Simple Skills

I don't know about the ability to dice the test over in the result of a
for characters with a skill.  That means I'd have to fumble twice in a
row to
fumble at all.	Let's face it even the experts botch things from time to
Also I think that the way you've named the skill leads to confusion,
Demolitions.  Is read better as Demolitions Master.  This avoids
confusion as to
the moral Quality of the particular character.

Sergeant Rork  Elite2
Equipment - Partial Body Armor, Comm Link, Assult Rifle, 2 Shaped
Skills - Demolitions Master
Quote - "Let's blow this pop stand"
Background - ect

"Andrew Martin" <> on 08/18/99 09:52:23 PM

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Subject:  FMA Simple Skills

I've been thinking about a simple skills system for FMA.
     Each figure can have one speciality skill, such as Demolitions,
Sniping, Communications, Leadership and so on. What the skill allows
the figure to do, is to reroll either their quality dice or the
opposing difficulty dice, but not both, on a skill action.
     This means that the skill can be used to attempt to avoid a failure
and possible check for fumble when rolling a "1" on the figure's
quality die.
     Using the skill to force a reroll of the target difficulty dice,
the figure is more likely to succeed.

Some skills and figures, using an impressionistic MOS:
     Green Sniper, Regular CommsTech, Veteran Leader, Elite Demo.

     For example, the Elite Demo figure is setting a charge to blow a
open. Setting the charge is assumed to be of below average difficulty,
so a D6 is chosen and rolled as the difficulty. The Elite Demo figure
rolls their quality die, a D12. Say, the D12 result is a "1", while the
difficulty D6 is a "3". Normally this would be a check for a fumble. A
fumble result might mean the charge blows up the demo expert rather
than the door. Not wanting this, the player rerolls the D12, using the
Demo skill, and lets the second result be the success or failure
     So a figure having a skill means that the figure is more likely to
succeed in the chosen task that relates to that skill.

I welcome comments, additions, suggestions and enhancements.

Andrew Martin
Online @ 33,600 Baud!

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