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Re: Stargrunt Vehicles from the Toystores

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 16:41:45 -0700
Subject: Re: Stargrunt Vehicles from the Toystores

Thomas Barclay wrote:

> >From the same line, there are other neat items like an F-4, a big ass
> chinook chopper, and some other cool items.

BTW a modified Chinook would make a good SG2 air transport. Take off the
rotars and replace with jets.

> Larger micro machine bradley - don't know what scale - looks like
> maybe a bit big. About $12-14 US. Similarly, a C-130 style plane
> called a Thunderbolt. Big, but okay for a small transport plane in
> SG2. Good for Entebbe raids or Airport battles.


Micromachines makes an OSPREY also that would make a cool SG2 vehicle.

> Matchbox Mission Bravo stuff: Another Hummer (I think a truck variant
> with a missile launcher in the bed). Also an excellent little FAV with
> a (sad looking but replaceable) SAW/MG/HMG and a good looking AGL.
> About $4-5 US.

You know what I'm looking for My Raumlandesturm company? (I'm putting
together Plummer's Second Kompanie from Rot Hafen) I'm looking for a
fast but most of all light and easily transportable vehicle very very
similar to what the current German paras used nowadays called the
The real Weasel has a two- man crew and is  maybe three meters long a
meter and a half wide and mounts either a GMS/L (Milan)or a RFAC/2 (25mm
autocannon) on it. I believe the problem with space/air deployable
will always be transport mass and interface landing characteristics so a
light and very small vehicle  with some armored protection is what I
Plus this thing is air droppable. I saw that Mission Bravo or someone
a bradley looking thing that almost fits the bill. As a full sized
it's 15mm, but as a Weasel (with some mods) it would fit the bill as a
2-man 25mm.

> In the Mission Bravo line, there seems to be (have not seen it up
> close yet though) an Osprey Tiltrotor - though it would need repainted
> for spec ops! ;)  not sure what it would cost.

Oh well there it is.


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