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Re: FMA Grenades

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 12:14:16 -0700
Subject: Re: FMA Grenades

Thomas Barclay wrote:

> How about this: Use a radius from explosion point. Say for a typical
> grenade, 2". That means you have 0-2", 3-4", 5-6", 7-8", 9-10", etc.


Regardless of "book" ratings or what not it is very rare that a grenade
will severely hurt you significantly at 25 meters. It''s a freak
occurrence particularly with any body armor. Sure there is a low
percentage that a fragment might get you (or poke out an eye). We've
pelted by grenade fragments at times.  I remember seeing a guy (stupid
Lieutenant, but then again are there any other kind?)  hit in the face
about 20 meters and it was not much of a  big deal. (In ARSOF the common
joke is "safety is a training distracter" though they always get  more
anal as we approach our quota of training casualties.) The concussion is
scarier. Keep in mind none of this particularly negates Tom's stats
It's reasonable to expect future grenades to get lighter and more

BTW thrown hand grenades are more dangerous (burst wise) than rifle

> Indoors, the results are less pretty. The explosion and fragments are
> contained by the walls of a room (you hope). If you are in a room
> where more than half the grenades overall area can be deployed
> (eyeball it), then don't worry about the effects of enclosure - there
> is space. If you are in a room (say a 3mx4m) where a grenade goes off
> (less than half the radius can be employed), then you get compounding
> effects. In this case, DOUBLE the attack dice used against the target.
> If you'd normally have used 1d10, use 2d10. (or d10x2 if that suits
> you). Note if a grenade is setoff in a room with an open door, people
> outside the doorway are fair game - doorways with no doors do not stop
> fragments...

I say if a grenade goes off in a small room (and the room all fits
the first two range band, then just 2d12 the guy! It's that nasty. (1d12
vs PA) But your way is just as well and consistent. Ditto on open doors.

> So, following these suggestions:
> FMA Normal Frag Hand Grenade: 24/4 (2d12 0-2", 2d10 3-4", 2d8 5-6",
> 1d12 7-8", 1d8 9-10", 1d4 11-12")
> FMA Defensive Frag (designed to be thrown from a trench or fighting
> position):36/4
> (3d12 0-2", 3d10 3-4", 3d8 5-6", 2d12 7-8", 2d10 9-10", 2d8 11-12",
> 1d12 13-14", 1d8 15-16", 1d4 17-18")
> FMA Normal AP or HEDP Rifle Grenade: 20/4 (2d10 0-2", 2d8 3-4", 1d12
> 5-6", 1d8 7-8", 1d4 9-10")
> Controlled Effect CT Grenade: 20/8 (2d10 0-2", 1d12 3-4", 1d4 5-6")
> CT Stun Grenade: 24/8 (2d12 0-2", 2d8 3-4", 1d8 5-6", any wounded
> recover at +1 so 5 or 6 recovers, only a 1 kills)
> Flashbang: 32/16 (3d10 0-2", 2d8 3-4", can be defended against with
> full head protection (visor/ears), all wounds will recover, automatic
> suppression if in blast radius plus any suppresion gained from wounds)

Just make sure the flashbang does nothing but suppress, but in non PA or
combat armor guys there's no recovery for one turn OR make suppression
removal a task check +2 or 3 something high. It's the few seconds of
suppression you want to capture but then again with a  leader activating
successfully several guys, one guy pops the door and tosses in grenade,
goes off. The other guy also activated goes in and shoots all in one
smooth move.

BTW I make a guy spend one action prepping the Grenade (auto success) He
can then hold onto it for any length of time (within reason) but god
forbid if he gets hit or (suppressed?), then he drops it. Anyway, inside
he has to make a successful task check to get it through the door or
whatever small opening he's tossing it through unless he's right there
hooking/dropping it around a corner. Then we check for scatter. And then

> Just another 0.02...



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