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Re: Vector Movement and SML's

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 13:59:24 +1000
Subject: Re: Vector Movement and SML's

G'day Laserlight, Aaron

First up Laserlight:

>>Don't you think paying a heap for a weapon tha's going to miss most of
>>time is a bit unbalancing too?
>Such as a Beam weapon against Screen 2? 

Last time I looked class 2 beams still did damage against a class 2
ship - just not on a 4-. What I meant was that SMs using 3" you can see
your primary weapons miss (especially when some of the minatures
have 3" from edge to centre pin - and we always measure the SM range to
centre pin).

>No, it's just irritating.  

It is irritating, but I wouldn't say it was 'just irritating' ;) 
Beams get another go next turn, once you're out of SMs your out.

>I took two 60 mass missile cruisers last weekend against two NSL Maria
>Burgunds, and slaughtered them.  

Are they the 2 thrust ones? If they are, it sort of goes without saying
they can't get out of the way ;) 

>They just couldn't get out of the way (and
>we were using 3" radius--note that's radius, not diameter); and 6 SMR's
>arriving at once can't be stopped by PDS.  

Only if his PDS escorts are poorly placed/not there (something you point
out below I notice) - making sure your 'area defense' ships are in
formation is part of the knack of combating a SM fleet.

>One NSL BB was vaporized (I had
>good dice), the other went to 3 thresholds in one shot (and that's when
>had lousy dice). 

How lousy? And how lousy were his? I haven't crunched the numbers and
intend to, but for every ship I've even seen vaporised by a coordinated
attack, I've seens one which stood there and laughed and I've seen
of my ships vaporised by one burst of fire from the NSL BB for instance
21 or whatever dice it has if you accidently end up in its close range
bracket is pretty devastating!

>I think the house rule "PDS can
>fire at fighters and missiles within 6" even if they're not attacking
>should be incorporated into the main rules.

For what its worth, so do I.

Now for that dastardly Aaron person...

>Well, yeah Beth, but isn't that just you? ^_-

Probably ;)

>Although, I have to admit that *is* a rather impressive accomplishment.

>Particularly in light of some of what I've managed to pull with SMs. 

Well, yeah Aaron, but isn't that just you (and that dastardly field of
yours)? ;)

Cheers to all


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