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Re: Vector Movement and SML's

From: Laserlight <laserlight@c...>
Date: Thu, 12 Aug 1999 00:29:37 -0400
Subject: Re: Vector Movement and SML's

>Last time I looked class 2 beams still did damage against a class 2
>ship - just not on a 4-.

"Misses most of the time", you said.

> What I meant was that SMs using 3" you can see ALL
>your primary weapons miss

Encourages you to pay attention, doesn't it?  SMR's are for gamblers. 
win big, or you lose big.

>It is irritating, but I wouldn't say it was 'just irritating' ;)
>Beams get another go next turn, once you're out of SMs your out.

You rarely get a "one shot, one kill" with a beam, though.  SMR's can
put a
mission kill on just about anything.

>>we were using 3" radius--note that's radius, not diameter); and 6
>>arriving at once can't be stopped by PDS.
>Only if his PDS escorts are poorly placed/not there (something you
>out below I notice) - making sure your 'area defense' ships are in
>formation is part of the knack of combating a SM fleet.

6 salvo = 36 missiles, of which 21 on average will be on target.   Each
kills 0.8 missiles on average.	Most ships only have 3 PDS, and there
a lot of FB ships with ADFC.  Let's say you have two escorts, they're
ADFC rigged, and you have everything in tight formation so they mutually
support (and are easier to get SMR hits on).   Assuming you assign your
perfectly and don't waste anything from overkill, you're going to kill
11 missiles, meaning 10 get through and inflict on average 35 points of
damage, which will cause dismay to any ship in the book.  I'm not able
work out all the numbers right now, but the missiles should actually do
bit better than this due to your having to allocate fire before you know
many "on-target" missiles there are.

>intend to, but for every ship I've even seen vaporised by a coordinated
>attack, I've seens one which stood there and laughed

Only if you get missed do you laugh..unless your esteemed opponent has
Kochte Missiles--I understand a fleet with those has been stationed in
area?  : )

>Well, yeah Aaron, but isn't that just you (and that dastardly field of
>yours)? ;)

Six SMR's against a Maria von Burgund (using Class 1's as PDS also), I
inflicted 81 points of damage.	As I recall, the first three salvoes
enough to kill it: 13+19+15 points.  It's not just Aaron.

Now, I wouldn't use _only_ SMR boats--when I play Islamic Fed Navy, I
usually take about 1/3 missile ships and the rest beam ships, because
when a
_Qaws_ launches its missiles, it is then useless except as a
But missiles, used well, can be devastating, and I don't think a 6"
in Vector is required.

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