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[FT] Kra'Vak, Vector vs. Cinematic (was: [GenCon] Kra'Vak AAR)

From: "Bell, Brian K" <Brian_Bell@d...>
Date: Wed, 11 Aug 1999 08:47:30 -0400
Subject: [FT] Kra'Vak, Vector vs. Cinematic (was: [GenCon] Kra'Vak AAR)

It was not actually higher thrust that was an issue. It was the fact
under cinematic rules, Kra'Vak have a distinct advantage by being able
rotate, and thus turn, more efficiently than the human ships of the same
thrust rating.

With vector movement, the added turning ability of the Kra'Vak is
when it only takes 1 point to rotate to any facing.

Brian Bell

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> On 10-Aug-99 at 17:35, Ryan M Gill ( wrote:
> I'm still not sure that higher thrust in vector is any less than
> in cinematic.  The difference is you must use different tactics.
> If you look at your weapons mix and pick ranges where you are
> more affective than your opponent you are gaining significantly
> from your weapons mix.
> For instance, I go up against that thrust 2 Komarov with my
> thrust 4 Foch.  I can do pushes and keep him at 18-24" and there
> is nothing he can do about it.  In addition he is so slow he
> can't dodge my SM's.	Looks to me like my thrust is extremely
> useful.  On the other end I have an apponent that goes for
> thrust 8 ships.  It is a waste of time for me to try to use
> a SM on him.	Another case of thrust being useful.  (I worked 
> through it, I should never get a threshold check before he
> has taken 3.	If he plots his vector wrong I can even extend
> the range beyond 24.	(IE, if he charges.)  I would love to
> have a Komarov Charging me at 16", that means I can open the
> range to 30", a nice place to be.
> Face it, your average small ship has no business trying to get 
> behind a Komarov, that blind spot thing is bogus.  All he has
> to do is pick a direction, Port or starboard, and wiggle one.
> Unless you guess correctly you are toast.  And it is a guess.
> Roger (So the best thing to do is run from SM's?)

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