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[FMA&SG2] Incident at North Haven Part 2 (AAR)

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Tue, 10 Aug 1999 20:57:57 -0400
Subject: [FMA&SG2] Incident at North Haven Part 2 (AAR)

I neglected to mention one thing. The previous FMA game was done with
just 7
figures! And it as as dramatic to the participants as if there had been
We played for maybe three hours. And Zack (my 10 yr old cousin) had a
grasp of the
rule (if not the tactics) pretty quickly.

SO now the plot thickens. Intercepting the police transmission were the
ever-scheming Megacorp. They run all the mining franchises on the planet
and they
immediately realized the potential of the find.  AFter jamming all off
transmissions, they dispatched a CSF platoon (Corporate security force)
to nab the
goods.	SO now we have a situation where this lone squad of cops is
sitting on a
dead alien and a black box while a platoon of CSF moves in (4 squads of
5 and an
HQ) and they await help from the local army unit on the planet (2 sqauds
of 5, and
HQ a Hoplite APC and a Hunter IFV).

We used an 8x4' map for this and just add some more rough terrain but
not too
much. Both units were comprised of veteran squads (but the police who
were in the
SE corner with the goods. The CSF set up with 2 squads surrounding the
with another 2 in blocking positions. Everyone set up known.

The Army player (zack) deployed his forces on line with a vehicle on
either side
and his infantry in the middle. He started out by trying to rush his
vehicle down
the east  edge of the board to relieve	the beleaguered cops before they
assaulted. However the CSF had one GMS/P team and one IAVR so the
Hoplite ended up
on it's back on fire fairly quickly. Again Zack got his dander up and
tried to
rush the building with the IAVR in revenge. (Kids gotta learn this ain't
Warhammer). They ere cut to pieces by a squad which had been initially
then bypassed by the hoplite. The army squad ended up pinned down in the
open with
were subsequently eliminated on later turns. ACtion on the western front
proceed better for the army player where he worked a squad and the IFV
position in the woods and brought fire down on the GMS/P squad. This
eventually lead to their destruction as they were whittled down by fire
subsequent turns. The IAVR squad (occupying the center in the building)
involved and started t cause the remaining army squad some discomfort
for which
they were rewarded with several shots from the IFV. Zack's problem was
that he had
to see to the utter destruction of one enemy squad before moving on to
the next
even though it had ceased being effective turns ago. I'd say "what the
heck he's
only a ten year old" but then again I've seen adult players do this same
thing as
they ignore the objective just to cause enemy casualties.

Meanwhile on the southern front, a CSF squad worked its way against the
police. With only SMG (close range band 8" ONLY) there' wasn't much they
could do.
The CSF close assaulted and the police fled before them. Out in the open
away they were subsequently caught in a cross fire which cost them one
killed and
one wounded before they could flee off the board.

So now it stood like this. ON the center and east, two complete CSF
squads in good
position. In the south a third CSF squad  in control of the objective.
On the
South east corner the CSF HQ. In the north west, one slightly chewed
Army squad
with an IFV in support and one destroyed csf squad.  In the north one
frustrated army platoon HQ (LT, ECM and sniper) which sat on their ass
the whole
time trying to make contact ("Apone?! Apone?! Goddammiit who's

Eventually Zack wisely decided to destroy the CSF HQ. But instead of
doing it ala
long range fire he attempted to close with it ala W40K! It was as
rewarded from a
shot in the ass from the IAVR squad thus snuffing out any hopes of
victory. The CSF began manuevering against the army remnants so they
wisely fled
to the north.

This game took us about 3 hours and was great fun. As usually solid
tactics were
rewarded with victory. We conduct a thorough AAR after each event in the
opes of
teaching the players how to plan and execute to win.

SO ended scenario 2. The CSF evacuated the materials off to a secure
facility awaiting a fast ship to take it back to their corporate HQ on
earth for
real study.

However all was not to end so easily. Somehow word got out about what
was going
on. What's worse a Power armor section happened to be on world for some
when the call came through to mobilize for an emergence recovery
SOmehow the Army got word of where the aliens were being temporarily
kept. It was
time for a raid on that underground facility. Back to FMA>>>>


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