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Re: Combat Movement

From: "djwj" <djwj@e...>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 09:06:01 -0600
Subject: Re: Combat Movement

I have seen a lot of discussion about "Combat Movement", I'm not sure if
anyone has said this but here is my take on the matter:

Normal movement is walking, watching where you are putting your feet,
to remain silent, ect. Normal movement also has the advantage of being a
normal "Activation Length"  in terms of game time. If you spend five
*walking* the Ho-Chi-Minh trail, you spend the five minutes walking. A
"Combat Move" is a dead run and is noisy, you have a harder time hearing
your enemy, and they can hear you just fine. The "Turn Length" of a
move in game time is variable. You may only have the chance of getting a
yards before an enemy squad notices and starts spraying fire in your
direction, much less if EVERY enemy squad notices, etc. If you activate
"Combat Move" and roll 2" you didn't get very far (less than a minute at
five minute scale and an "Average" move of 6") before private funk
on the "Noisy Twig! (TM)" and EVERYBODY started shooting in your

Let us look at "Combat Move" from the perspective of the other side. You
walking quietly through a dense jungle looking for someone who is also
trying to be stealthy. Every rustle of the leaves and someone from your
squad spins to look, weapon at the ready. You are watching the trees,
ground, even the sky for even the slightest sign of your opposition.
Suddenly they break cover no more than thirty meters to your right.
S. hasn't even finished saying the "O" in "Open Fire!" before assault
rip into the surrounding foiliage...
One hundred meters away another squad hears the chatter of machine guns
moves out...

But what if the opposition dosen't do anything to the running squad. The
view from the running squad:

Lt. Baker just gave the order to move out, a dead run past the sentry
You didn't get two yards before Private Funk stepped on three "Noisy
(TM) in a row. You know they know where you are. Your Comm Officer
your cover is blown to command (during which the enemy takes his
and command sends a squad to intercept a possible breakthrough attempt
the enemy....

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