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Re:Full Metal AAR and Other Thoughts

From: "Thomas Barclay" <Thomas.Barclay@s...>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 10:43:15 -0400
Subject: Re:Full Metal AAR and Other Thoughts

Issued forth in response to my ramblings, the sage words of the mighty

From: Los <>

> I think I might recommend something like this:
> 2-move actions:
> ASSAULT/RUSH (Charge to enter close assault) (2dX for movement in
> move action) (2d6" for std troops)
> FLEE/ROUT (Race madly away) (2d(X+1 shift) for movement in each move
> action) - you can run faster scared than angry! (2d8" for std

I quick question, doesn't one of your actions in the assault to CC
have to
be CC? (The flee is cool)

** I assume that is what happens at the end of the double move.
Assault/Rush was meant to cover the move - wait to be killed if you
didn't make it - move again - close assault series of actions.

> If executing any manouvre type that involves rolling more than one
> dice (FLEE, DASH, or ASSAULT), figure must make a roll against
> motivation with his quality die (to represent physical training). If
> he fails, he is gains a suppression (winding). This means if in the
> open, he follows the rules for suppression in the open.

Sounds good. Also how about when a unit routs it automatically must
Flee for movement if it's going to move at all.

** <I sort of assumed that>

> As a benefit to those executing any combat movement (Bounding, Dash,
> Assault, Rout, Crawl - anything but a normal march or walk
> enemy fires at 1 RB further. (or alternately, you could argue this
> the normal state of affairs, and marching is the "odd man out" and
> that fire at a unit walking or marching should be at 1 RB closer).

Ahh Ok that's good. Nix everything I asked about various defensive
benefits of your various move types, though my question of which
support subsequent fire actions still stands...

** Well, I have an additional thought: If you crawl, you'd get fired
on as if you were 2 RB further out. (You see, hitting a prone target
is a b*tch - my limited experience with firearms, paintball, and MILES
tells me that...).

** As to firing: Anything that you didn't end up winded after (by
picking up a suppression) you should be able to fire after. A short
dash won't necessarily make you incapable of shooting. (If you are
winded, you might have troubles - you should fire with penalties to
your shooting even if single suppressed or winded but I don't recall
if this is reflected - I think you get one less action, but really the
action you take should be penalized with one negative die shift on
your quality too - it isn't just you do less, you do it less well
also). So if you don't end up wounded... then you can do whatever you
like. You could march 1 then shoot (though if you were engaged in
march mode you'd have your ass kicked).

** Two choices exist for someone who dashes twice - two separate
checks for winding or 1 nasty one rolled at the end versus double your
motivation. One has the simplicity of a full turn for one check. The
other gives the effect of dash, then wind, then lag the rest of the
way or eat dirt because you are shagged out. If you use the two checks
method and you fail your winding check and are suppressed in the open
(following Jon's new rule), you may have to dash again anyway, but
this time your die type is shifted down one for movement and your test
to become winded (again - a double suppression) is at +1 (for your
already existent suppression or winding). This is more complex. It may
be simpler just to make the nasty check (against double motivation)
once at the end of the double dash, and if the failure is bad (less
than half the number required), then you pick up two suppressions. If
you just miss it, but not by less than half, you get one suppression.

You have made many good points. I'm heading up to Cape Cod this
for several days and will be bringing all my stuff with me. I got my
10-year old cousin into warhammer 40k a couple of years ago( hey it's
easiest way to get a kid into wargaming so back off!), so with these
rules to test out, it's time to subvert him into some real gaming.

** A new buddy has just moved to Ottawa bringing a table. FMA skirmish
with some new rules for movement (like these!), multiple suppressions,
and some form of grenades and area suppression will soon be tried!

Later List!

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