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RE: Tuffleyverse, States of Europe

From: "Steve Pugh" <steve@p...>
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 16:16:37 +0100
Subject: RE: Tuffleyverse, States of Europe

> > I was designing a ship for the FSE, started to give it a Greek name.
> > then I realized that the Official History did not specifically state
> > that Greece stayed with the FSE. Thus, my question:
> > 
> > What European (20th c.) states are in the FSE?
> > Obviously, France.
> > I assume Spain, Italy, & Portugal also.

Yep, Belgium, Luxembourg and Greece seem very likely as well.

> > In NSL: Germany, Austria, Luxembourg.

Poland, Czech and Slovak republics and Hungary as well. Though FT did 
mention some of these petitioning to join the ESU after getting 
narked off with the Germans but this seems to have been dropped from 
the more detailed SG time line.

> > Romonov Hegemony: Byelorussia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuaina, Latvia
> > 
> > NAC: England, Scotland, N. Ireland (still exist?).

Just say the UK ('cos you forgot Wales otherwise and that's 

> > ESU: Russia.
> > 
> > Independents: Netherlands, Switzerland

There's also the Scandinavian Federation which takes care of Norway, 
Sweden, Denmark, and probably Iceland and Finland.
> > Where would the following fit?
> > Balkan states (Albainia, Croatia, Slovakia, Serbia, etc.)

Quite a few people split it up like this: Croatia and Slovakia could 
be in the NSL; Albania and Bosnia could be in the FSE; Serbia, RH 

>  Bulgaria
> > Moldavia
>  Rumania

A lot of people put these in the RH. They could be NSL I suppose.

> > Ireland

NAC? FSE? Independent?

> > Turkey (FSE, IF, Independent?)

I'd say IF.

See my world map at
You'll notice that I haven't stuck my neck out there and left most of 
the balkans blank. Some people play in variations of the GZG-verse 
where that region is dominated by new power (John Atkinson's New 
Roman Empire) and/or a more powerful RH/IF/whomever.


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