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Re: Full Metal AAR and more FMA thoughts

From: Los <los@c...>
Date: Wed, 04 Aug 1999 11:11:43 -0700
Subject: Re: Full Metal AAR and more FMA thoughts

Thomas Barclay wrote:

> About combat moves:
> 1) I do recomend at least trying the 2dX method as opposed to the 1dX
> x 2 method. Try it, see what you think. (For combat moves).
> 2) Are combat moves for an individual deterministic? I think not. But
> they should probably be moreso than that for an entire squad, because
> coordinating one is easier than coordinating more than one.

I read your second post after I wrote mine and saw that you mention for
certain moves (like crossing a street for instance, then instead of a
(i.e.), then you just do a full 12" move. IMO that was a simple but
accurate way to reflect those types of situations.

> An interesting rule in Charlie Company (as I see it) is that when you
> are fired upon, your move type is important. If you are moving in a
> "combat move" fashion, you're guys hit dirt faster and take less
> casulaties when shot at. If you are moving in march mode, you die like

Sort of reminds me of ASL Assault Move. Actually the new COMBAT! by CIH
has 4 move types for infantry. Double time, normal, assault move and low
crawl. On the second two you can shoot but you move much less and have
greater protection.

> a dog. Perhaps a good way to convince SG2 players and skirmish players
> to use the combat move with all its variability (I know people who
> march everywhere like 1812 foot brigades... for fear of randomness) is
> by saying anyone attacked while marching (by snap fire or overwatch
> fire) is attacked with a +1DS for the attacker FP. This makes a combat
> move not only more random, with a slightly higher mean move, but it
> makes it more defensive in nature - which it is. This would make
> people want to use combat manoevres with all the risks.

Maybe the very term combat move is a misnomer? The reason one would use
combat move is to hopefully eek out a bit more distance on a move. Maybe
you have a few diffferent kinds of moves? (off the top of my head)

1. Normal: full normal move (Assume teh figure has a 6" range). No
benefits when you are opfired on
2. Combat move (in this case) 1d6. Variable but with added protective
benefits. You're moving from cover to cover.  Perhaps firing against
guy he gets the In position bonus (ala SG2)
3. Double time. 2d6 haul ass. No fire action.  (or fire action with a
4. Wind Sprint: 3xtime full move but winded for the next 2 rounds? (no
fire, or 1/2 capabilities or some such)

Just thinking out loud. May add to complexity.

Also to simulate squad type stuff or advantage of leaders, you could say
something like if there is a leader within x" of the figures, they can
move to gather OR combine their firing into a sort of ASL-like

I have heard some good things about "Charlie". Might have to pick it up.


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