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Re: [OFFICIAL] Some FT background stuff (guidelines for writers)

From: Jonathan white <jw4@b...>
Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 09:32:53 +0000
Subject: Re: [OFFICIAL] Some FT background stuff (guidelines for writers)

>You can't 'encode a human as data'. Not now, not ever. There is a basic
>fundamental difference between data, i.e a string of symbols, and a
>sentient mind. Even if you could in some way encode the physical
>transmit it and then reconstruct it at the other end, you'd be entering
>dodgy philosophical ground if you said that it was still a person at
>Besides, presumably the encoding process doesn't actually destroy the
>being coded, so what happens to the guy still at this end? Do you kill
him or
>can you have multiple copies of the same person running around the
>Hmmm. a little too paradoxical for me.
And quite a famous one actually..

As for the whole FTL travel/comms argument, I think it's probably gone
to a
conclusion now. Whether or not *we* are likely to have FTL comms or not,
the point is what does the FT background say about it? i think it might
constructive if we came up with a list of *general* (i.e. quick & easy
answer) questions which the folks at GZG (do you do all the background
yourself Jon or do you have help?) can answer. An initial suggestion
me is..

1) Do the various races in FT have direct, real-time interstellar comms?
so, which ones?

(I believe such a form of communication would present a distinct
advantage to one side or the other if they have it exclusively)

2) What exactly is the Kra'Vak social structure? Some of the flavour
implies a sort of hybrid clan system a little like medieval Japan but
never had any concrete details (unless you want to leave that for Bugs
Don't Surf or Fleet Book part 2).

"Reality never lives up to all that it used to be.."
	Beth Orton 'Best bit'
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