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Re: Superdrone

From: John Leary <realjtl@s...>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 20:42:57 -0800
Subject: Re: Superdrone

ROBERTSON,Brendan wrote:
> John,
> You forgot to add TORPEDO capability!
> >				 points     mass
> >New total			  150	     9
> >+2 Attack, +2 interceptor, Thrust 36", Heavy, Longrange
> Add twin torpedoes (double damage)
> +36 points, +1 Mass
> Current total: 186 points, 10 Mass per 6 fighter squadron.
> Just for balance, round it off to 200 points/squadron.
> This brings the cost of a Fleet carrier with 4 Squadrons to 1367

> >-----Original Message-----
> >From:  John Leary []
> >
> >Not against SUPERDRONE!  The fighter no one wants to see!
> >
> >Now to create the SUPERDRONE.
> >

> >	I would be interested in hearing any reports, if anyone
> >wishes to try this.
> >
> >Bye for now,
> >John L.

     In all honesty I never considered adding any sort of expendable
weapons to the fighter, I was trying to stay (more or less) within
an (almost) believeable FT build schedule.   Additional weapons
would have required more mass, then more thrust, more fuel, more
structure, in an ever increasing spirial.  
     In spite of all the programmers claiming that anything can be
done if given enough code.   The real bottom line is a choice of
only three functions: attack, defend, drone survival.	All 
missions fall into one of these three catagories.
     Do you wish to abuse your friends with this type of monster?
It is a shame I spent so much time on this project, I haven't made
part two ready yet, and I have to work this weekend.

Bye for now.

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