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Re: Superdrone

From: Jerry Han <jhan@c...>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 23:50:39 -0500
Subject: Re: Superdrone

ROBERTSON,Brendan wrote:
> John,
> You forgot to add TORPEDO capability!
> >				 points     mass
> >New total			  150	     9
> >+2 Attack, +2 interceptor, Thrust 36", Heavy, Longrange
> Add twin torpedoes (double damage)
> +36 points, +1 Mass
> Current total: 186 points, 10 Mass per 6 fighter squadron.
> Just for balance, round it off to 200 points/squadron.
> This brings the cost of a Fleet carrier with 4 Squadrons to 1367

Dear God.  

How come I see a comparison to the development history of the F15 here?

Actually, on a FT note... one thing that's kind of bothered me about the
points system (actually, most games are like this) is that systems
on systems usually result in a cost calculate arithmetically, as opposed
geometrically or even exponentially.  As per RL, it always has felt to
that the closer to the edge you get, the more you should pay through the
nose for it.  

I don't have a concrete suggestion though; I just have to talk to my 
Defence Minister and see if we can squeeze some money out for some 
Superdrones.  (8-)

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