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Re: Worried about GenCon.

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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 11:59:52 +0000
Subject: Re: Worried about GenCon.

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> Date: 	 Wed, 4 Feb 1998 16:30:19 +0000
> Subject:	 Re: Worried about GenCon.
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GenCon is an enormous show, unmatched by ANY in the industry.  I only 
really do three shows (flying out of Portland, OR is EXPENSIVE!!), so 
I can't say how good the many small shows could be;  but GenCon 
ALWAYS makes a profit for us!  I have the info on this years GenCon 
in hand, and it is a bigger show than last year!  I'm sure that 
GenCon will continue to be a great show in the future.	While 
attendance was down last year, for many of us sales were up.  I think 
that the lack of CCG attendees actually helped sales because 
people could find and buy the items they wanted.  When the show's 
attendance exploded during the heyday of CCG's, the actual sales 
volume for a miniatures based company like us went down.  I think 
we'll see a return to a more miniatures and RPG based attendance, at 
least until the next ground-breaking-game-phenomenon comes along!
This year Jeff Gulliam has put together a team to run over 25 demo 
games for us, as they did last year.  Andon (the new owner's of the 
show) have extended a very warm helping hand to all the GM's and from 
what I can see, their organization skills are excellent.  Everyone 
wants GenCon to stay right there in Milwaukee, so keep the faith and 
we'll see you at the booth this August!!


> Re:  The Demise of GenCon
> Well, here, eight hours away from Milwaukee, there is at least one 
> (Con of the North), and sometimes two (Twin Con), gaming conventions 
> a year, plus Minicon, a Science Fiction and Fantasy writer's 
> convention that has a gaming room available.	The Twin Cities are a 
> smaller market than Milwaukee, I think.  Perhaps the dominance of T$R 
> in your market stunted the development of an idependent gaming 
> community in Milwaukee, but I have always thought that the smaller, 
> more intimate gaming conventions are more enjoyable, and certainly 
> cheaper.
> How many people actually go to those smaller "engagements"?  And for 
> Jon and KR at GeoHex, which are more profitable, in terms of sales 
> per people seen, instead of total volume of sales?  Or is that 
> confidential info?
> (If it matters, or to make it topical, I'm running SGII at Con of the 
> North this year...)
> Alfredo
> Alfredo Lorente		    "End This." -- Delenn
> Minneapolis, MN		  Lines of Communication
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