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Re: Worried about GenCon.

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Date: Thu, 5 Feb 1998 11:59:52 +0000
Subject: Re: Worried about GenCon.

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> Subject:	 Worried about GenCon.

> Hello All.
>	Well, I got some rather interesting news today.  Steve Jackson
> Palladium, R. Talsorian Games, RPGnet and a few others WILL NOT be
> attending this year's GenCon.  It seems that these companys are really
> pee-ed off at Wizards of the Coast's handling of the fair.  According
> SJG's Daily Illuminator Site (, WotC has
> raised booth prices up to 50% of last year's rates.  SJG will also not
> be sponsoring any events for their own games.  This is not good.

These are the same companies who fought long and hard to move GAMA in 
a certain direction and LOST!  SJG and Talsorian in particular have 
have long since curtailed their participation at this and other 
shows.	 While the increase in booth prices is a pain, it's 
also a fact of life, the sheer cost of doing business goes up every 
year.  What may be happening to them is that they lose 
money at shows that used to be profitable - a concern of MANY 
companies in today's market.  While I continue to make money at shows 
such as GenCon, the minute I try to create a presence the size of SJG 
profits evaporate!!  And while others are whining, others are making 
money!	Let's face it folks, people dropped a LOT of money at GenCon 
last year - it was a VERY good show for many of the small to mid-size 
companies I consider my friends.  Many companies are on the upswing 
some are going down, but that has ALWAYS been the case.
> [Author note..... the following paragraph contains statements that are
> based upon rumor and speculation.  Please do not panic for they could
> totally and completely without merit.  Thank you.]
>	Wisconsin's gaming community has been worried about GenCon for a
> years now. Last year, everyone was saying that 1997s GenCon would be
> last one held in Milwaukee and that WotC would move it to a larger
> city.  Now there are mumbles about how this just might be the last
> GenCon period.  By all the current indication's WotC is poorly
> organizing this year's event.

Come on Mark, name the current indications!!  I received my judges 
forms in November!  We are WAY ahead of the curve!   All boothe forms 
were sent out by FedEx so that everyone received the chance to choose 
a booth on the same day.  TSR used to mail them and then say that it 
was first come first served.  Consequently those of us at a 
considerable distant never got the booths we wanted.  TSR was handling 
the show poorly the last few years and attendance and money went 
down, but Andon has taken a DEAD soldier in Origins and turned it 
into a money maker!  Cripes, lets give them a chance!!

  If this game fair flops.... then a great
> institution may have just bitten the dust.

No one is going to move or curtail GenCon, it is such a major show 
for the city of Milwaukee that they bent over backwards to have the 
new space ready for us!!

>	For myself, and a lot of gamers like me, GenCon is our ONE major
> event of the year.  I don't make that much money right now, and I
> afford to go any other conventions.  Too lose GenCon would be nothing
> short of a personal disaster.
>	The trouble is I don't know what we can do about it.

Seems to me that the gamers in Milwaukee and its surrounding areas 
are just beginning to realize what they have!!	For too long many of 
you may have taken the show for granted.  It's good your concerned - 
now go out an enroll your friends and associates into going so you 
can keep the show right there in Milwaukee.  It is after all up to 
YOU, not Andon, not WOTC, not SJG or Geo-Hex to make the show a 
success.  If GenCon '98 sets records for attendance and money, 
those companies will be back!

  We can't blaim
> the companies for wanting to stay away.

Oh yes we can!	They stay away at their peril!	GenCon is the GAMES 
INDUSTRY on display!

KR, Geo-Hex - who is looking FORWARD to going to GenCon!!
> Later,
> Mark A. Siefert
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