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Re: DS2 Chit Probabillity (was:DSII: Artillery)

From: Tony Christney <acc@u...>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 23:57:12 -0800
Subject: Re: DS2 Chit Probabillity (was:DSII: Artillery)

On Thu, 5 Feb 1998, Mikko Kurki-Suonio wrote:

>On Wed, 4 Feb 1998, Brian Bell wrote:
>> This is for the drawing of 1 chit. If someone wants to extend these
>> tables to take into account drawing multiple chits, please do so.
>I tried to do that. If you account for all possible "valid"
>the problem is that without fudging there are simply too many
>combinations -- you'd be rolling d10000000 or something.
>If you make a separate table for each valid combination, it might be
>manageable -- I just never got that far into it. But I suspect it might
>still be d10000 or so.
>Another choice is to fudge a bit, and group together the combinations
>with only marginal probability.

I did this a relatively simple way a while back (more than a year).
The way I handled it was to use a combination of a D10(0-9) and a D12.
The D12 counted as the "tens" (I think you have to ignore 12s). I had
a chart to cross reference the die roll with the corresponding damage

To work out higher class weapon hits, you would use five sets of color
coded dice, re-rolling the very very rare duplicates (if you want to
recreate the odds _exactly_). If you aren't worried about duplicates,
(the difference is negligible) then one set of dice is fine.

The problem is that when I made the chart up, I had no opponents, and
the chart got lost in the pile of papers from school ;). I suppose I
could look for it, but it's probably easier to start from scratch.
I did post it to the space-marine mailing list (to which I unsubscribed
after I got involved with NetEpic...). Perhaps someone on this list
who used to be on that list still has it handy? Heck, maybe they even
used it...

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