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RE: SG II House Rules - longish post

From: Alexander Williams <thantos@d...>
Date: Mon, 2 Feb 1998 23:02:29 -0500 (EST)
Subject: RE: SG II House Rules - longish post

On Tue, 3 Feb 1998, Glover, Owen wrote:

> I like the idea of a Re-org to combine two or more squads for a
> temporary fire combat or other action, but then I guess we are going
> have to look at adjusting unit integrity concepts and it would not
> enable a dispersed platoon engaging in a co-ordinated fire. 

Unit Integrity is one of those 'setting dependent' bits that can shift
around depending on what you're trying to simulate.  Heinleinesque
Armour fight dispersed kilometres wide while modern armour doctrine puts
tank and his 'wingman' in considerably closer querters.  Integrity seems
more dependent on how fast the elements in question can move than any
fixed means of decision (and is one of the truly minor places I think
SGII/DSII can be improved upon).

A better means of deciding how dispersed is 'out of organization' may be
to multiply the Quality Die by some numberss of metres (then scale to
liking).  Renegade Legion grav tanks may operate seperated by QD * 100m,
giving the highly skilled units the ability to envelop almost by
themselves and holding the less experienced troops together to strike
in-force.  A group of low-tech militia may disperse QD * 3m before being
considered disorganized, keeping them bunched together because of lack
ample coordinating communication.  A squad of powered armour may can
disperse QD * 10m, due to the better range and control of their arms and
their constant locational beacons.

(Note, I consider the lack of a dispersed platoon/squad's ability to
co-ordinate fire a /good/ thing.  The coordination as a 'single unit' is
part of why that one /can/ Reorg squads into much larger squads; with
use of Command actions, this can be done frighteningly quickly
(Command->Reorg/Move, Squad Actions->Fire/Fire, Next turn:

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