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Re: dockyards

From: "Donald A. Chipman III" <tre@i...>
Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 17:24:55 -0500
Subject: Re: dockyards

>For repair times:  
>hull damage:
>1st row:  1 day per DP to be repaired
>2nd row:  1 weeks per DP to be repaired
>3rd row:  1 month per DP to be repaired
>system damage: roll a d6
>system size	       1-3	  4-5	      6
>1 mass systems:      1 day	 3 days    1 week  
>2 mass systems:      3 days	 1 week    2 weeks
>3 mass systems:      1 week	 2 weeks   1 month
>Again, I'm winging it with all this stuff!
>Rob Paul

I really like this idea, but I think your times may be a bit off; it
to me that you would almost be better off building a new ship rather
repairing a heavily damaged one, especially if it's a big ship.  I'd say
something along the lines of:

1st Row      2 DP per day
2nd Row      1 DP per day
3rd Row      1 DP per 2 days

I also like the services, but I think those may be a bit short (7:1
seem like it leaves a lot of time to get anywhere).  I would think that
day per month of patrol would be an absolute minimum, with threshold
made at the 6 month mark (or year, if the ship can be resupplied in
Bear in mind that modern Aircraft carriers can stay at sea for months at
time, only requiring fuel for their fighters, and nuclear subs can stay
even longer.  I would think that in the future, the amount of time a
could remain out in space would be limited only be their supply of
consumable goods (food, air, water, etc).  I would also guess that the
would by necessity be equipped with advanced recycling techniques as
well as
more compact and efficient storage methods, allowing them to bring more
stuff along and make it last a lot longer.

Just a thought,


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