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Re: GZG OFFICIAL: Last pre-SALUTE update....

From: Chris Slavensky <sepplainer@g...>
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2014 08:22:22 -0700
Subject: Re: GZG OFFICIAL: Last pre-SALUTE update....

I don't recall much or any comments on it but I want to tell you John it
was a good interview in the mag a month or so ago. 

It must be important I sent it

> On Apr 10, 2014, at 1:26 AM, Ground Zero Games <> wrote:
>  UPDATE - THURSDAY 10th APRIL 2014 - SALUTE final preparations - 
> casting without a break (or a brake...):
> Well, it's been an "interesting" couple of weeks of final 
> preparations for SALUTE (Saturday 12th, at ExCel). Things were going 
> fairly well up until the casting machine started to play up last 
> weekend - since then I've been nursing it along with increasing 
> problems while I tried to get the remaining show stock made. The 
> ironic thing is that I have an effectively "new" (fully 
> reconditioned) machine here waiting to be put into service - it was 
> my old used spare machine that I had completely rebuilt by SEBA only 
> a few months ago - but the upheaval of having to clear the workshop 
> in order to get the old one out and the new one in, which will take 
> me a couple of days at least, means that I can't do that until after 
> the show. So, for the last few days I've been running the old one 
> (very carefully, without a brake!) to try to get as much stuff as 
> humanly possible done in time for Saturday.
> The bad news is that with all that going on, there are a number of 
> new items that I had hoped to have at SALUTE that simply won't be 
> available until after the show - and though I have done as much stock 
> as I could of all our most popular stuff, there will still be some 
> gaps and some codes where stocks are very limited. A number of 
> MAILORDERS have also had to wait a while due to the hassles, but 
> please rest assured that all those placed recently will be dispatched 
> as quickly as possible after I'm back from the show - any that have 
> been significantly delayed can expect a little freebie or two 
> included as compensation for the delayed dispatch.
> The GOOD news is that I had already managed to get quite a few new 
> releases ready BEFORE the troubles started, so there will be quite a 
> bit of new stuff for you to see and buy - including a MAJOR expansion 
> to the 15mm NSL (including some pre-packed starter army sets), and 
> some surprises in the 15mm CRUSTIES  range!
> What we will NOT have at the show: any of our 25mm figures except the 
> GC range (as usual at shows), the 6mm range (sorry, time and the 
> casting problems have just beaten me on this!) and the 2mm GMM range.
> Things we WILL have: almost all of our range of SG 15mm infantry and 
> V15 vehicles, and the major ranges of FT Starships (including all the 
> recent releases that haven't been seen at a show before).
> 15mm NSL (Neu Swabian League) HEAVY WEAPONS TEAMS (autocannon, 
> mortars and grenade launchers), COMMAND PACK and FANBIKES 
> (vectored-fan VTOL hoverbikes). We will have a small number of 
> pre-packed army starters for the NSL including all the new items!
> 15mm CDF (Colonial Defence Force) troops in caps, plus a COMMAND PACK 
> in helmets.
> 15mm CRUSTIES: Crusty scouts mounted on "riding bugs", Crusty 
> "scuttler" attack bugs plus "handler".
> There may be a couple of extra surprise items, depending on how work 
> goes today......
> Other notes for SALUTE:
> All PREORDERS already placed for the show are cast up and packed, 
> ready for their buyers to collect.
> I will have a number of volunteer helpers at the show tradestand, but 
> even then things are usually VERY busy and I can't promise to have 
> much time to talk to people - it's great to meet folks and put faces 
> to mailorder names, so please say "hi", but if you want to chat for 
> an hour then SALUTE isn't really the best place to do that!
> Please remember that we are still CASH ONLY at shows - I do plan to 
> reinstate the taking of card payments at shows later this year, but 
> SALUTE isn't the best place for trying out a new system that my 
> helpers are not used to - so for this year it's still just good old 
> folding stuff please!
> All the best,
> Jon (GZG)

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