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RE: Full Thrust Shipyard

From: MICHAEL BROWN <mwsaber6@m...>
Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2013 10:17:29 -0600
Subject: RE: Full Thrust Shipyard

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I ran into issues with having a system on the SSD that I could no longer
select to edit.  All in all, a great step forward!  Anyone have a
library of the published SSDs (I have the books, just don't want to mess
with photocopies) online?

Michael Brown

> Date: Sun, 4 Aug 2013 13:58:03 +0200
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> Subject: Re: Full Thrust Shipyard
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> Hi Mark, 
>	thanks for the feedback!  
>	For now there are only the generic SSD outlines available. We
may add
> faction-specific designs eventually, but for now you're stuck with the
> generics, sorry. also, not all systems and weapons from all factions
> are included in the program yet, we'll get to that. Just leave
> feedback as to what systems you'd like to to have, we'll try to get
> them in. 
>	As for dropping hull and armor boxes, you only select them once
as a
> single system, then when you click on the icon in the SSD, a
> sub-window will open where you can change the hull/armor strength by
> typing the desired number. The appropriate number of boxes should then
> appear in the SSD. We'll try to make that more obvious and intuitive. 
>	As a side note, we're just a handful of people with only two
> programmers really, doing this in their spare time, so please don't be
> too upset if not everything works perfectly. Anyway, thanks a lot for
> the feedback. 
>	Christian 
>	Mechworld  
>	  Von: mark drake <>
>  An:
>  Betreff: Full Thrust Shipyard
>  Datum: Sun, 04 Aug 2013 11:51:50 +0200
>  Thanks to for providing this tool to FT players for
> making SSD's.
>  Found both the website and program are not easy to navigate,had a lot
> of trouble just getting my registration to take,and the SSD program
> does look nice but it is not very intuitive to use.
>  For example,how do I find other SSD icons in the program other than
> the ones displayed? Tried changing rhe faction for an SSD to see if
> different icons may appear but no go. How can I drag+drop more than
> one Hull/Armor box at a time onto the SSD? Plus having difficulty
> moving between the sub-menus on the left (Ship Tools,Basic,Change
> Layout,Design Notes,etc.) Also dont care for limited number of
> class/type layout displays,but this is more of a personal choice as I
> prefer either attached pic of mini to go along with my SSD,or a
> specific layout icon that looks like the mini of that ship.
>  Comparing how fast I can make SSD's in their program to making SSD's
> in Paint I find I can make them faster in Paint as well as have higher
> degree of customization.
>  Nice looking program,and the SSD's do look nice but the class layouts
> make it feel too generic for me.Plus with the difficulty I experienced
> just	trying to manuever thru the program to make one SSD,I just dont
> think it is very user-friendly. Going to pass on using this program
> myself but I hope other FT players find it works for them. 
>  Mark

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