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Re: Full Thrust Shipyard

From: "gitta-chris@t..." <>
Date: Sun, 04 Aug 2013 13:58:03 +0200
Subject: Re: Full Thrust Shipyard

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Hi Mark, 

	thanks for the feedback!  

	For now there are only the generic SSD outlines available. We
may add
faction-specific designs eventually, but for now you're stuck with the
generics, sorry. also, not all systems and weapons from all factions
are included in the program yet, we'll get to that. Just leave
feedback as to what systems you'd like to to have, we'll try to get
them in. 

	As for dropping hull and armor boxes, you only select them once
as a
single system, then when you click on the icon in the SSD, a
sub-window will open where you can change the hull/armor strength by
typing the desired number. The appropriate number of boxes should then
appear in the SSD. We'll try to make that more obvious and intuitive. 

	As a side note, we're just a handful of people with only two
programmers really, doing this in their spare time, so please don't be
too upset if not everything works perfectly. Anyway, thanks a lot for
the feedback. 



	  Von: mark drake <>
 Betreff: Full Thrust Shipyard
 Datum: Sun, 04 Aug 2013 11:51:50 +0200

 Thanks to for providing this tool to FT players for
making SSD's.

 Found both the website and program are not easy to navigate,had a lot
of trouble just getting my registration to take,and the SSD program
does look nice but it is not very intuitive to use.
 For example,how do I find other SSD icons in the program other than
the ones displayed? Tried changing rhe faction for an SSD to see if
different icons may appear but no go. How can I drag+drop more than
one Hull/Armor box at a time onto the SSD? Plus having difficulty
moving between the sub-menus on the left (Ship Tools,Basic,Change
Layout,Design Notes,etc.) Also dont care for limited number of
class/type layout displays,but this is more of a personal choice as I
prefer either attached pic of mini to go along with my SSD,or a
specific layout icon that looks like the mini of that ship.
 Comparing how fast I can make SSD's in their program to making SSD's
in Paint I find I can make them faster in Paint as well as have higher
degree of customization.
 Nice looking program,and the SSD's do look nice but the class layouts
make it feel too generic for me.Plus with the difficulty I experienced
just  trying to manuever thru the program to make one SSD,I just dont
think it is very user-friendly. Going to pass on using this program
myself but I hope other FT players find it works for them. 


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