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Commercial: Gruntz GZG Salute.

From: bilgepipe@m...
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 14:39:09 +0100
Subject: Commercial: Gruntz GZG Salute.

Hi All,

Gruntz is going to be at the Salute show with a special show offer. It
will be on-sale in hard copy printed format on the GZG stand.

As a show only offer, the printed copy will be bundled with a CD-ROM
disc containing the PDF of the rules and the Barracks application for
PC/MAC.  Jon will have a limited set of copies on his stand. 

I sadly I won't be there this year.  I just had a holiday but messed up
my foot and I am currently on crutches. I will be sitting back in my
lounge gnashing my teeth and watching The Hobbit again and trying to
decide if I like the changes to the story. All the additions are listed
here for those that read the hobbit many moons ago and can't remember

Has anyone noticed how bad the new Doctor Who series is?  I watched the
second episode last night and it was so bad it acted as a black hole,
sucking the life out of us until my entire family looked like Seksis
drained Podlings from Dark Crystal.   There is good TV out there with
the final episode to Walking Dead and the new series of Game of Thrones
being brilliant.  


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