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Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 10:29:11 +1000
Subject: Re: [GZG] TMP question


Our Mars stuff is about molasses speed these days, but the basic idea
went something like:

1) Have a couple of early major plot points to get things rolling (e.g.
Kra'vak attack.... If you want humans to be pushing $%^*@# up hill
either stack the sides or if the humans win the first game say they were
a minor part of a larger battle where the humans got a walloping so
Kra'vak get in system)

2) Play games and let the logic of the campaign fall out of what happens
(this will require imagination admittedly, but we're people playing with
little metal guys/ships so we got that in spades already). Having a
little back story helps for this (though more if you want to spin off
some fluff around it, its not essential just for games)

3) Have a map if possible so you can see how things ebb/flow, people get
attached to things when they can see them changing dynamically.

4) Don't allow insta-repairs. If ships/units are lost damaged then don't
allow for the to be immediately replaced (or even replaced in a couple
of games). Try and represent at least some of the pain of logistics and
replacement. This will change the way people play and make some
decisions a lot harder to make (ok for some people they will get some
pain before they learn, but eventually). You can put as much accounting
overhead as you want into that, best to tailor it to local levels of
paperwork tolerance (at the simplest you can put some rolls in place for
who recovers/who doesn't, and have a simple list of times to build stuff

5) Don't make it too complex and try not too have big gaps between games
(unless you live with your opponent then big gaps tends to doom the
longevity of the campaign)

We've had fun over the years following this philosophy. We have a couple
more space battles I have yet to write up. And now that the dastardly
St^3 Jon has gotten my husband well and truly hooked on 15mm I think (ok
know) we'll be having some bigger scale ground games too.

If I can get enough time between house repairs this summer there may be
some fresh action on the fields of Mars ;)



On 19/09/09 11:41 AM, "Michael Brown" <> wrote:

"as the topic says, how do you guys play it? Thinking of maybe having a
campaign of FT with my friends about the fall of Earth, wondering if
anyone has ideas on how they'd go about it? Also, we ever gonna get the
FT timeline moved forward, pretty intresting "fluff" methinks"


Michael Brown

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