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Re: [GZG] Troop potential

From: Adrian1 <al.ll@t...>
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 22:38:37 +0100
Subject: Re: [GZG] Troop potential

It's possible to go the other way.

Look at the various game system attempts at making "expendable troops".

Rifts turn out "dogboys" - dogs genetically upgraded in intelligence and

humanoid body but the genetics that made them pack animals was left in 
making them consider humans their natural alpha leaders.  This always 
made a certain degree of sense since its easier to use whats there than 
add it.

Kryomek uses cyclo's, penal troops dosed up with combat drugs, etc.  Not

exactly elites but still effective and numerous.

Star wars used droids

The list goes on but the point is that none of these soldiers would ever

be in a position to affect the society they serve since society most 
likely doens't care what happens to them. wrote:
> I found it very odd in the prequels that even Obi Wan seemed to buy 
> into the disposable trooper idea. That seemed very un-Jedi to me. He 
> makes a couple of remarks to Annikan about not helping clones who are 
> in trouble because they are doing their job. I read this as don't 
> waste your time, they are supposed to die.
> -Eli
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>     How did Lucas handle this in Star Wars?
>     I think Lucas completely ignored the moralistic implications of
>     creating a slave race of organic war droids to fight the metal war
>     droids of their opponents.
>     The clones were treated as expendable smart munitions without any
>     of the rights expected by other republic citizens.
>     As John Atkinson wrote; if you have highly trained and capable
>     soldiers that are disenfranchised from the society they are
>     supposed to be fighting for you have a risk of such troops
>     deciding to take over and remake the society.
>     If you take a conscript out of his society, subject them to
>     intensive indoctrination and then treat them badly (as many soviet
>     conscripts were rumoured to have been) how much of a part of
>     society will they feel when they are released back to civilian
>     unemployment?
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