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It would certainly have an impact on culture.  If there is mandatory
military service (or at least a large percentage of the population
conscripted), if a conflict comes around you have lots of "green" troops
available to recall in an emergency (as opposed to "yellow" militia).

It can also help to "program" in the culture of service to country
and/or reinforce a sense of ability/superiority/belonging.  More detail
than that is probably best commented by a sociologist or psychologist.

In game terms, a planet with mandatory conscription/service should have
at large increase in the number of "green" troops compared to "yellow"
troops if the regular forces need to active reserves.

Making up some numbers:
"volunteer" planet: Yellow 85% / Green 7% / Blue 5% / Orange 2% / Red 1%
"conscript" planet: Yellow 75% / Green 19% / Blue 4% / Orange 1% / Red
NB: Yellow includes civilian population (too old, too young, wrong
'gender', etc) and is usually discounted for most games.

'Neath Southern Skies 

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> I wonder whether the use of peacetime conscription changes a 
> country's culture appreciably? I'm inclined to say it should, 
> but I haven't seen anything on it.
> Of course, in a setting where you have strong transhumanist 
> elements, you could well see conscription from birth (kind of 
> like genetic Janissaries), which would probably introduce a 
> whole new dimension of complexity to the question.

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