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From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 09:51:06 +0100


We wanted to make a small supporting gesture towards the personnel 
from both sides of the Atlantic who are currently serving out in Iraq 
and Afghanistan, particularly those who are keen gamers, so we came 
up with the following idea:

We have allocated SIX SETS of FULL THRUST INTRO FLEETS, each worth 
£25 (plus FREE rules!) to GIVE AWAY COMPLETELY FREE to personnel 
currently serving out there in the hot zones - three sets  for 
British troops at BFPO addresses and three for US ones via APO.

What we'd like is for people to contact me (via direct email to 
jonATgzgDOTcom) and recommend a gaming friend/colleague/relative who 
is presently serving out in Iraq or A-stan, giving me the person's 
full Forces postal address; if you are actually serving out there 
yourself and are reading this, then you can recommend yourself if you 

I will give it a couple of weeks to get enough responses in, then 
I'll choose which six applicants get the free packages (either 
randomly or from what is written in the emails, that's up to me). 
Each person chosen will get a packet containing TWO 8-ship FULL 
THRUST INTRO FLEETS plus a printed copy of the free FT LIGHT intro 
rules - with the addition of just a few dice and a measuring tape, 
that's enough to play a complete game on any flat surface - I thought 
that FT is ideal for this project because you don't need any terrain 
or stuff like that!  ;-)


All applications must be submitted by email direct to me, at 
jonATgzgDOTcom.... please mark the subject line "GZG FORCES FREE 
OFFER". Applications may be submitted by serving personnel 
themselves, or by friends/family etc on behalf of same.

Names of successful applicants may be published on various web forums 
etc unless specifically requested otherwise; if you would prefer us 
to withhold an applicant's name please state this in your email, it 
will not affect the chance of being chosen.

There will be THREE sets for BFPO addresses and THREE for APO 
addresses; sorry, but we will ONLY ship the packets direct to the 
Forces addresses given to us, we cannot ship them to home addresses. 
Recipients must be currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The actual fleets in the packets will be chosen at random from our

Packets will be sent out by us free of charge, with shipping costs 
paid by us, but in the unlikely case of any charges or duties being 
levied on the package by postal or customs services then the 
recipient will be liable for these.

The offer will close when I think we have enough applicants to choose 
from, but it will definitely be open until at least the first week of 
August - so get in quickly!

The proprietor's (that's me!) decision as to the allocation of the 
free sets will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

So, there you go! Get emailing!  :-)

Jon (GZG)

PS: please feel free to re-post this to any other forums or mailing 
lists whose members might be interested, the offer is open to all 
applicants who meet the criteria above.

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