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Re: [GZG] Living rulebooks

From: Oerjan Ariander <orjan.ariander1@c...>
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2008 00:40:51 +0200
Subject: Re: [GZG] Living rulebooks

John Tailby wrote.

>>The basic idea of making the updated rulebook available as a free .pdf
>>download is laudable (quite a few people are complaining that GZG
>>done this with FT yet <g>), and so is putting the proposed rules
changes up
>>for discussion and feedback on the Specialist Games BB web forum
>>reminiscent of how this mailing list operates... <g>).
>I think it would be great if GZG put together a rulebook containing the

>rules out of the original rulebook, the bits from MT and the fleet
>into a PDF. You don't need to upgrade to FT 3

You don't need to upgrade to FT3, but it'd be very nearly as much work
reconcile all the partly-contradicting and partly-superceding rules from

the four existing books and editing it into a legible whole as it would
to actually write FT3. What's worse, only a small part of the FT2/FB 
consolidation editing work would be useful for FT3 - most of it would
to be done all over again :-( Which is why it hasn't been done

(There are several *un*official FT2/FB/house rule consolidation works 
floating around the 'net... but all the ones I've seen so far have
quite a lot of house rules, and none of them states which bits are house

rules and which come from the "official" books :-( )

>I would also like to see new SSDs for the new models, like in the fleet

>books and then a quick paragrpah or 2 of background about the
>of this ship and any notable missions or examples.

You mean like the beta-test rules and stats  for UNSC, ORC, IF, NI, OUDF

and IJSF published on Star Ranger's site, along with the "canonical"
(which essentially merely means "the stats I sculpted the models to 
represent") for the latest Kra'Vak ships? They've been there for quite a

while now... <>

>There could then be a structured discussion about the rules people
>and didn't like that could then be incorporated into a release / patch.

That's precisely what we hoped for when the beta-test pages went up. We 
haven't had very much feedback on them though...



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