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Re: [GZG] DS3?

From: "John Lerchey" <lerchey@a...>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 14:49:35 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: [GZG] DS3?


There is a DS3, though as is often the case for Jon, who is primarily a
business owner and miniatures producer, the actual writing and
playtesting is in the hands of a small group of interested gamers (AFAIK
Oerjan, Indy and myself).

The current rulebook, with a LOT of background and note materials, in
addition to the actual game rules is approximately 100 pages.  It has no
force layouts or vehicle examples, as the FT fleetbooks do for .. well,

While Jon is currently working on SG:AC (he has limited time to put into
rule writing!), I am actively working on DS3.  I play about a game a
week with my local group members, and with some regularity send off
battle reports, problems, and solutions/suggestions to Oerjan and/or
Indy for comment/rebuttal/pie throwing/whatever.

I don't anticipate that DS3 will become a "public reality" however,
unless OA, Indy and I actually finish the playtesting and writing, and
then hand it to Jon for tweaking/blessing.  I am hopeful that we can do
that, but I don't see it getting significantly closer to "done" in under
a year.  That's part of the problem with what is essential
fan-based-part-time rule development.

Please keep in mind that the above is MY opinion on this topic.  OA,
Indy, and (of course) Jon could have different and potentially much more
official views.

There are still some hard problems to resolve, but the game is pretty
damned fun if I don't say so myself, which I just did.	If you manage to
make the next ECC, look us up.	I, or Indy and I together, typically run
one or two DS3 games each year.


> Rather than repeating the highjacking of the other thread...
> On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 10:47 AM, John Lerchey <>
> wrote:
>> In DS3, I too would love to be able to send recon or fast attack
>> off to go nail enemy artillery, once the CBS has locked into an area
>> that I'd know where to send them.  The problem generally lies in how
>> far off table they are.  In DS3, there are off table zones, but they
>> are not well defined.  I can tell you how many Tactical Combat Rounds
>> it takes an incoming mission to get to the table, but that does not
>> tell me how long it takes a platoon of fast attack vehicles to get to
>> them across unknown terrain types once they've left the appropriate
>> side of the table. :(
> Is there really a DS3 or is it just speculation?
> I just ask because when I left this list (about 8 years ago or so,
> rejoined), there was talk of it.  When I originally joined the list
> was talk of it.  Hell when I first e-mailed Jon about it in 1991 there
> talk of it.
> At this point it could be released at the 20th anniversary of DS2.
> As an aside it's both gratifying and surreal to rejoin the group and
> many of the same names in the archives.  I feel a bit like I'm in a
> warp.
> Bill
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