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From: John Tailby <john_tailby@x...>
Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 12:39:56 +1000 (EST)
Subject: Re: [GZG] Artillery considerations

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but the off table stonks are likely to be arranged against predetermined
targets, I could imagine turn 1 of the game being the artillery landing,
or maybe it's the attacker launching the artillery and the defender
doing their bit to stop the barrage.
I see long range artillery as being good at dealing with fixed
obstacles but flight time of the munitions could make it difficult to
hit mobile units from range. If the artilelry get too close they risk
being attacked by enemy armour units. The old horse archer vs javalin
armed light cavalryman challange.

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One thing about the DS3 system...

Off-board artillery is defined as being in a zone.  Something like:

[  -5 ] [  -4 ] [  -3 ] [  -2 ] [  -1 ] [ TABLE ] [  1 ] [  2 ]

It takes a full Tactical Combat Round (the fighting part of a DS3 turn)
to cross from one zone to another.  Thus, if your Off-Table artillery
is in zone -4  the target will get a few combat moves before the rounds
land.  Then again, the rounds could have trajectory correction, etc.,
to keep 'em on target.

Just so that you are aware that there could be some issues with "want
something dead right bloddy now."  :)


> Still, I prefer, in a good sized Dirtside game to have,
> 1 set of infantry based mortars on tracks (roll up, dismount, fire 
> missions) they're relatively cheap and can get GOOD missions off. 1
set of
> on table gun/howitzer based artillery back in my rear with an
> vehicle attached AND a Counter battery vehicle attached if possible. 1
> of off table artillery for really big stonks when I want something
> right bloody now.
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