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*GZG ECC XI 2008 Quote Board *

*Friday Evening*

Martin Connell: You don't want your miniatures to have "red eye"
Unknown replier: But what if you're a Cylon?

Keith: If they show up with a ship's cutter, you show up with a
the Tanoose way.

Carl Shue: Or you remain the cabin boy nicknamed "Sue"

Vince:	Are you just doing drive-bys?

Ken W: I came, I shot, there's no one left!

Kevin Chase: We make purple look good.

Scott: You see a gigantic tongue come out of the p-torp muzzle and go

Indy: Mike, give me your memory stick
Mike Hudak: (reaches in pocket and fiddles a bit) …nope, that ain't
help you.

Vince: Firing at Ken's cruiser. I'm firing at the big Wang!

Scott: Hey! I have to be seen in this ship!

Scott Kern: (after doing 1 pt with a p-torp) I guess that must be one of
those ACME p-torps

Keith F: He's not just a truck driver, HE'S A TEAMSTER!

John Lerchey: Is he in range of your beam-2s?
Tim: What beam-2s?

Tomb: A 4? Ineffective fire! Your tires are spinning too fast to hit as

*Saturday AM*

WWSMD? (What Would Stuart Murray Do?) (on buttons seen at the con)

Unknown: (while holding a Borg cube ship) …this needs some numbers on

Mark Kinsey: Big man! You beat a zombie on an initiative roll!

Ron L: (rolls dice) Do I explode?
Stuart: No…but that's not good.

Unknown: You don't need to lean out of your car to light your cigarette

Carl: (pointing at fighters) What's your all speeds?
Vince: We are all 18, and barely legal!

Indy: (to Jerry Acord and Mark Kinsey, who were closely examining the
contest entries) Hey! Hey! Hey! You can't point at them!
Jerry: Can we lick them?
Indy: (pause) …Yes (and walks away, disturbed)

Noam: I taught my son everything he knows
Scott: Then what did you learn?
Noam: To stay out of his way

Steve B: You're all running from "Flaming Groovies"
Stuart M: It's the flaming part I'm worried about

*Saturday Afternoon/Evening*

Carl S: Do I get raking fire if my steam tank cannon fires down the
of the Martian sky skiff?

Tom Ball: We got 6 impulses done while you were in the bath and couldn't
explain all the options to us.

Stuart M: A claymore and flamethrowers??

Ken W: Marc, that was twisted.
Marc G: Dude, I wrote rules for Battletech. I'm *expected* to be

Steve B: So the gatling gun makes a major penetration of the Martian
standing over the Highlanders. It's a catastrophic explosion, and a
ring of debris rains down on the Highlanders and hitting the Martian
mantis. It kills 3 and wounds 2 Highlanders.
Tim P: So I can assume the Martian crew is dead.
Steve: Well, yes.

John Lerchey: My job is to misquote

Noam (Phalon player) : 3 more against the battlecruiser

Kevin C (ESU battlecruiser commander) : Which one?

Noam: The usual

Kevin: Ahh. Sport amongst you people, isn't it?

Eddie: You didn't KILL it. You illuminated the scraps

John: Are we seeing a threshold check?
Eddie: No, you went straight to vaporize.

Kevin C: We're sure the Phalons will recognize [the ESU] as the superior
fleet because we have more consonants. Whereas [the NAC} surely have at
least one Hawai'ian on board.

Ron: (as Noam performs fleet maneuvers) I think he's got the NAC of it!

Vince: What's he gonna shoot? He's gonna shoot his mouth off!
John L: If he could shoot his mouth off we wouldn't have to listen to

Eddie: You realize that if you mount your class-2s, your gunner's gonna
refuse to fire it…

Eddie: (upon scoring 1 pt against a relatively undamaged NSL ship) Eat
armor boy!

Eddie: He pops like an overcooked chicken pot pie!

Eddie: I will now knock the chrome off your bumper (rolls, misses) No, I
will NOT knock the chrome off your bumper!

Ed: My cruiser just went from "pristine" to "vapor cloud"

Scott Bishop: The jump drive spins up
Kevin Chase: whirrrRRR. All hamsters to your stations! All hamsters to

Carl Shue (as Yerin rolls on the floor laughing) : You know it's a great
gaming convention – the women are rolling on the floor!

*Sunday AM*

Vince: Take…(rolls 6 dice)…absolutely nothing, and like it!

Mike H: I've taken quite a bit from a grazer up my ass.

Steve Barosi: New turn order: Plot, lay down threads, disentangle, move.

Marc G: The enemy ship is out of command. It's venting incompetent

Damo: The *Kinugasa* fires everything at the *Canberra*.
Steve B: You can't bear on the *Canberra*.

Marc G: Not only do I have quite a lot of missiles – I have
missiles! You know, the kind that have pilots.

Indy: Is the *Canberra* on fire?
Steve B: (rolls a d6) Shore 'nuff!
Jerry C: I think you'd have a hard time finding anything left on that
to burn.

Kevin C: This is a great position for my fleet, other than that super
(pirate cruiser) that flies rings around me.

Yerin: (lining up camera to shoot a spaceship mini) Move over, I want to
take a picture of his back end.

Ken Wang: (as the IJN flies RIGHT between 2 missile salvoes) It's

Tim: Yeah, I rolled…ummm…
John L: You rolled crap.
Tim: Thank you.

Eddie Daub: How do pulse torpedoes work?
Indy: If you roll like me, you wouldn't have to ask that question.

Scott Bishop: Bye Carl! Have fun with my money!

Carl Shue: Indy, you're my witness (turns to Ken Wang and Eddie Daub,
were still packing up) You guys should be embarrassed. Usually *I'm* the
last one out.

John Lerchey: (at a post-con lunch at a relatively new and nearby
Nice paint job [on the building]. I wonder if Martin Connell did it?

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