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[GZG] [OFFICIAL] GZG Salute releases - 15mm and FT!

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2008 23:41:28 +0100
Subject: [GZG] [OFFICIAL] GZG Salute releases - 15mm and FT!

A few of the more eagle-eyed among you have already noticed the 15mm 
Kra'Vak vehicles on our webstore ( - so here's the 
"OFFICIAL" announcement of them, plus an extra one that you 
definitely won't have seen yet.....

Now in production, and ready for launch at Salute this Saturday:

V15-31A Kra'Vak Heavy Grav Tank £8.00 each
V15-32A Kra'Vak Heavy Grav APC	£8.00 each
V15-33A Kra'Vak Heavy Grav SP Artillery £8.50 each
V15-34A Kra'Vak Strike Skimmer	£6.00 each

Platoon Box deals will also be available, and we'll have a limited 
number of these at the show.

The first three vehicles have been up on the store since last 
weekend, because we had to get them uploaded before our Webmaster 
went off for a short holiday, but the fourth (the Strike Skimmer - a 
really viciously-armed grav support gunship) is only just ready, so 
you're seeing it here for the first time!
All of them are in production, but they are not available by 
mailorder until after the show this weekend.

As usual, they are all-metal multipart kits, and for size reference 
all pics have been taken on a 1-centimetre-grid mat. The figures 
shown are for scale only, and are from our SG15-K1 and -K2 Kra'Vak 
infantry and Riding Beast packs.

As well as their intended use with our K'V forces, these will serve 
very well for many other high-tech-using alien races - I'm sure you 
can think of some obvious candidates!

And for the Vacc-Heads....

New FULL THRUST STARSHIP range releases for SALUTE this weekend.....

A mixed bag of FT starship new releases for the show on the 19th - 
three new PHALON ships and three new MERCHANTS!

For the Phalon fleet, we have a new ATTACK CRUISER - a 
Battlecruiser-sized strike ship - and two Transports or Fleet 
Auxiliaries, all sculpted by Dave Garnham (who did the original 
Phalon vessels for us many years ago).	The transports can be used as 
tankers, supply ships or even assault carriers - the spheroids 
"budding" off the hulls could easily be ablative-shielded drop pods, 
Hu'Man intelligence is not quite sure yet.....

FT815	Gruuss Class Attack Cruiser				£4.00
FT816	Viiyaan Class Medium Podship (transport/auxiliary)	       
FT817	Tuuyaan Class Small Podship (transport/auxiliary)	       

Then we have three new Merchants/Civilian ships; the two smaller ones 
will be familiar to those of you who attended the GZG-ECC, as we 
provided a supply of them as freebies for the attendees - now they 
are on general sale so you can all add them to your Merchant Convoys, 
Refugee Fleets or whatever!
The big all-new release, just moulded this week, is a huge REFINERY 
SHIP - even bigger than most of the FT Superdreadnoughts!  A 
simple-to-assemble 10-piece all metal kit, this impressive beast just 
calls out to be the centrepiece of many scenarios!

FT343	Luxury Space Yacht (pack of 2)		£2.50
FT344	Merino Class Livestock Transport	£3.00
FT345	Refinery Ship			£12.00

SALUTE SPECIAL!   Buy all three new Merchant releases at the show and 
get them for just £15.00 instead of £17.50! Offer applies while 
stocks last on the day!

Jon (GZG)

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