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1 - How about shifting the "remove suppression" roll to an immediate "do
I take a suppression" roll?  It will generate a faster game (as there is
a lower change of "pinning" a unit down from moving).  The game dynamic
will change, so might need to be based on 2x Leadership to make
suppression a viable part of the game.

'Neath Southern Skies 

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> 1)  Well right now one thing that SG2 does not model is the 
> effect troop quality has on whether a unit becomes pinned. As 
> it stands, under the equivalent volume and effectiveness of 
> fire, a veteran unit and a green unit would both be pinned. 
> I've heard accounts of elite units (such as the SEAL team 
> portrayed in "Lone Survivor") who receive huge volumes of 
> fire from green troops and continue to return fire. You can't 
> model this behavior in StarGrunt.

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