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[GZG] [Brushfire]Day2 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

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Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2006 18:17:14 +1000
Subject: [GZG] [Brushfire]Day2 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

	20 minutes after the first explosion, Atkinson's tanks rolled
Queztatol.  One overly brave soldier from Hudak's Hooligans attempted to
launch a buzzbomb in ambush, but was cut down by active defences.
	10 minutes after that, the dragoons controlled all public
assets without a further shot fired.
	"Good evening, this is the eight o'clock news, transmitting on
emergency broadcast system.  Please hold for an anouncement from
parliamentary representatives..." <static cut to field camera> "This is
Atkinson, representing government forces in this sector.  There is an
immediate dusk to dawn curfew for all foot traffic and a 24 hour curfew
all civilian vehicle movements.  You have 2 hours from this moment to be
the street.  Any vehicle mobile after that time will be shot.  Anyone
holding a weapon or out after curfew will be shot.  And anyone guilty of
collaberation under Amendment 2149.73 of your penal code will be shot.
<*blam*blam*blam*>  That was your mayor in front of the firing squad. 
police chief has been most co-operative and has had his sentence
That is all."
	Col Atkinson ignored the stray artillery round as it whizzed
overhead.  "I want this area secured.  Get on the horn and get me some
infantry support.  I hate working in cities when I'm down a whole
They could have deployed us complete instead of 'borrowing' my other
platoon to provide 'backbone' for local forces."

	Intermittant fire continued through the night with short
erupting as squads of Hooligans wormed their way into tentative firing
positions and launched buzzbombs, or called in artillery fire.
Counterbattery fire flew out from Atkinson's HQ with some redirected at
squads of Hudak infantry sighted.  Casualty reports appeared light on
sides with one of Hudak's squads eating an airburst mortar and various
amounts of scratched paintwork and sensor damage on Atkinson's Heavy
After the initial sighting, there was no sign of more PA.

	In the grey half-light of dawn, both sides commenced visual
for that mis-hidden infantryman or that slightly exposed curve of hull
would give an edge in the next firefight.  The hypersonic "crack" of a
shattered the quiet followed by the expanding fireball of secondary
ammunition.  Lt Rider mobilised his troop forward to scan for more
This was more like it!

'Neath Southern Skies

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