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Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 14:11:06 +1000
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The cost is probably too cheap for the benefits; I'd at least double it.

The casualties chance is also way too high, most ships lose 3 or 4 CF in
single turn, so the odds are close to 100% of a casualty; if you change
to a normal threshold check, then its much easier to keep track of (esp.
legendary crewers survived to become legends for a reason...)

Combining it with crew quality/flag bridges could make for some very
ships in campaign play.

'Neath Southern Skies

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> From: John Brewer
> Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 11:43 AM
> Subject: [GZG] [FT] Legendary Officers
> Legendary Captain - 20 NPV
> Legendary Engineer - 15 NPV
> Legendary CAG - 10 NPV
> Legendary Weapons Officer - 10 NPV
> Legendary Systems Officer - 10 NPV
> Legendary Ship's Doctor - 5 NPV
> Legendary Helmsman - 5 NPV  
> If a ship loses crew boxes through battle damage, there is a 
> chance legendary officers could be injured or killed.  Each 
> time a ship loses a crew box, each of the legendary officers 
> on that ship makes the equivalent of a threshold check.  If 
> that officer fails that check, roll 1 die...	
> 1-2: officer survives
> 3-4: officer is incapacitated for the remainder of the battle
> 5-6: officer is dead
> Presence of a legendary ship's doctor reduces the die-roll by 1. 

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