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[GZG] [FT] Legendary Officers

From: "John Brewer" <jbrewer@w...>
Date: Tue, 05 Sep 2006 01:43:11 GMT
Subject: [GZG] [FT] Legendary Officers

Gzg-l mailing list remember seeing
rules for inclusion of legendary officers in Star Fleet Battles, and I
think they can be included in FT.  I don't remember the exact rules and
I don't know if anyone here has a webpage of homebrew rules for
legendary officers; if you know, please post the URL.  

Including legendary officers in a task force for a battle means that
they must be paid for with NPV as part of play balance.  (these numbers
may need to be tweeked)  

Legendary Captain - 20 NPV  
Legendary Engineer - 15 NPV  
Legendary CAG - 10 NPV	
Legendary Weapons Officer - 10 NPV  
Legendary Systems Officer - 10 NPV  
Legendary Ship's Doctor - 5 NPV  
Legendary Helmsman - 5 NPV  

The NAC's ADM. Shane "Hammer" Valens is both "legendary captain" &
"legendary CAG", so his NPV would 20-30.  

For an officer to achieve "legendary" status is a unique achievement, so
to reflect this & further preserve play balance, a nation's taskforce
for a single game is limited to NO MORE than one of each; either
distributed throughout the taskforce or collected to a single ship ala
Star Trek's Enterprise.  

Even though the personalities of legendary officers are perceived as
mavericks & sports, it is possible for the ESU to have legendary
officers, they just have to be related by blood or marriage to members
of the Polit Bureau so the the ship's political officer doesn't have
them summarily executed for presuming to polish off the last of the
frozen strawberries when they knew DAMN WELL THE P.O. WAS SAVING THEM

Also the ESU is restricted to having no more than one legendary officer
TO A SHIP, because no P.O. could tolerate more than ONE blasted egotist
who thinks he's all that and a bag of dried squid just because he
married to the horse-faced grandaughter of the Secretary-General!
(redacted, not sent)  

The abilities of legendary officers as they affect gameplay are as

A ship with a legendary captain gets  +1 when rolling for initiative.  A
legendary captain also has the ability of "intuitive manoeuver".  Once
AND ONLY ONCE per battle, the ship with a legendary captain can REwrite
the orders for that ship in one turn so that it can manoeuver into the
best possible position, either by writing "Intuitive Manoeuver" or
verbally declaring it during a move.  

The presence of a legendary engineer will reduce the chance of threshold
damage by a die-roll modification of 1 when performing manoeuvers
including, but limited to, Extreme Manoeuvers, Post-Movement Manoeuvers,
Redlined Engines, et-al...  When assisted by at least 1 damage control
party, a legendary engineer AUTOMATICALLY repairs threshold damage once
per turn to Main Drives, FTL, or Power Core.  If no damage control party
is available, the legendary engineer can still attempt repair by himself
as a DCP of one with a die-roll.  

When assisted by at least 1 DCP, a legendary weapons officer
AUTOMATICALLY repairs threshold damage once per turn to any one weapon
system including Beams, Torps, Missles, PDS, FCS, ADFC, et-al...  If
that ship can close to within 6MU (3MU if vector) of an opposing ship,
the legendary weapons officer can make a "called shot" with any one beam
or torp on any system INCLUDING CORE SYSTEMS.  If the called shot does
at least 1 hull damage after penetrating defenses, the NON-CORE system
targeted is knocked out as if struck by a needle beam.	If a CORE system
is targeted, the core system suffers an immediate threshold check.  

If assisted by at least 1 DCP, a legendary systems officer AUTOMATICALLY
repairs threshold damage once per turn to shields, ECM, or life support.
 A legendary systems officer can also add +1 to a DCP repairing any
other system.  

For combat & morale, a legendary CAG is considered a "double ace".  He
can also lead his fighter group into making a "called shot" as per
legendary weapons officer.  

+1 in roll for initiative.  


If a ship loses crew boxes through battle damage, there is a chance
legendary officers could be injured or killed.	Each time a ship loses a
crew box, each of the legendary officers on that ship makes the
equivalent of a threshold check.  If that officer fails that check, roll
1 die...  
1-2: officer survives  
3-4: officer is incapacitated for the remainder of the battle  
5-6: officer is dead  
Presence of a legendary ship's doctor reduces the die-roll by 1.  

If I'm off base, let me know - I invite your comments.  

"Always strive to be a good person.  If you can't do that, at least
strive to be someone other than an asshole."

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